Business Financials Episodes

These episodes of The How of Business podcast are on the topic of Small Business Financials – the financial control and reporting systems which are critical to managing and growing your small business.

Business Financials Episodes - The How of Business Podcast

The challenge, however, is that most small business owner don’t have the background or skills to understand their financials. That’s OK! You are not alone. Your responsibility is to learn enough about small business financials so that you can make informed decisions to help you grow your business.

From understanding how to interpret your financials statements, including your Profit & Loss (P&L) statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement, to using the information to help you measure and plan for growth, these episodes will help you develop your knowledge and skills in this important area.

Many small business owners have surrendered their control or knowledge of their financials. Often the reason may be that “I am not good with numbers!” or “I leave all that to my CPA at the end of the year.” The result is a business that is navigating blind! As the owner and CEO of your business you must have a strong understanding of your financial condition. 

This does not mean, however, that you should not delegate the transactional tasks associated with maintaining and producing your financial statements. Tasks such as bookkeeping, processing payroll and preparation of your tax filings are ideally delegated or outsourced when you are ready to do so.

The ultimate responsibility for organized and up-to-date financials, and the interpretation of your financials, always remains with you as the owner of the business.

Episode 370: Danielle Hayden - Financial Planning
Financial Planning for Small Business Growth with Danielle Hayden How to use Financial Planning and goal setting to help you grow your small business with Danielle Hayden. Danielle is a CPA, author and the Co-Founder of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. Successful business owners know their numbers. They have a plan for launching ...
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Episode 305: Justine Lackey - Bookkeeping for Small Business
This episode is sponsored by LinkedIn Jobs. Get $50 off your first job posting! Bookkeeping for Small Business with Justine Lackey Bookkeeping for Small Business with Justine Lackey. Justine shares her entrepreneur journey and tips and techniques for small business bookkeeping. [Learn more about Justine] Justine Lackey is the founder ...
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Episode 366: Sharon Winsmith - Tax Structuring
 Tax Structuring for Wealth Building with Sharon Winsmith Tax Structuring and planning for Wealth Building for small business owners and entrepreneurs with Sharon Winsmith. Sharon Winsmith is an experienced tax attorney and the founder and owner of Winsmith Tax – helping her clients develop sustainable tax strategies for building ...
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Episode 345: Matt Remuzzi - Deadly Sins of Bookkeeping
Deadly Sins of Bookkeeping with Matt Remuzzi The Deadly Sins of Bookkeeping (starting at 14:55) with Matt Remuzzi, and his entrepreneur journey. Are your financials a mess? Or perhaps you are one of the few small business owners who are caught up on their bookkeeping and everything is up to ...
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The How of Business
Annual Financial Review for Your Small Business with Henry Lopez Annual Financial Review for Your Small Business with Henry Lopez Henry Lopez shares his insights and actionable tips for conducting a Financial Review of your small business. Henry explains the importance of knowing the financial metrics of your small business, ...
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Paul Nelson
 Paul Nelson Interview – Small Business Accounting In this episode we interview Paul Nelson, a small business owner and CPA. He shares his journey to entrepreneurship, launching his own accounting firm, and bookkeeping and accounting guidance for small business owners. [Learn more about Paul] Paul S. Nelson is the president ...
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Anne Dickinson
 Anne Dickinson – Improving Profits in your Small Business In this episode we interview Anne Dickinson, an entrepreneur, speaker, business consultant, and the owner of Eye In Your Business. She shares her background and journey to becoming her own boss, and valuable insights to help you manage your cash flow ...
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Chris Miles
 Cash Flow Management for your Small Business with Chris Miles Managing your Cash Flow Management in your Small Business with expert Chris Miles. He shares his entrepreneur story and tips to help manage your cash. Chris is known as the “Cash Flow Expert.” He is a leading authority on ...
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Wendy Knutson
Wendy Knutson – CPA Insights for Small Business In this episode we interview Wendy Knutson, a CPA and the owner of the accounting firm Knutson CPA. Wendy’s shares her unique journey to becoming a CPA and starting her own firm, and accounting & tax tips and advice for small business owners. Wendy ...
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