Marketing for Small Business Owners with Tom Nunez

Marketing for Small Business Owners with Tom Nunez

Marketing for small business with Thomas (Tom) Nunez, President Elect of the Dallas Fort Worth American Marketing Association (DFW AMA), highly experienced marketing expert, consultant and business owner. Tom shares valuable marketing tips and advice for small business owners. 

About Tom Nunez:

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Tom is a principal with Chatterbox Marketing, a strategy, branding, and content agency that specializes in working with K-12 and higher education, health care, IT, and non-profits. Chatterbox also provides behind the scenes services to other agencies. And Tom has worked on “the other side of the desk” as a VP and CMO.

Tom is the President Elect of DFW AMA, and previously served on the Detroit AMA Board for two years and was instrumental in that chapter’s turnaround. He has quickly established relationships and connections throughout the Metroplex due to his deep knowledge of business and his great sense of humor. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.

Show Notes:

  • Tom is also a musician, and initial considered a career in music education.
  • His attention then turned to business and marketing, and he has worked for various organizations including non-profits and educational organizations.
  • Tom was VP of Marketing at Detroit Medical, then moved to Dallas to take on the role of VP of Marketing at Parker University. He has help other senior marketing positions at other organizations as well.
  • Among his various ventures and consulting endeavors, Tom is currently a principal with Chatterbox Marketing.
  • He believes that Marketing is a very much a creative process. Marketing should be principally about the emotional connection with the customer.
  • It’s about removing any obstacles that stand in the way of you reaching your customers and your customers reaching you.
  • Perception is reality. You want to move one towards the other with marketing. 
  • “You are on the wrong side of the checkbook.” Advice that Tom once received that helped inspire him to make the transition to being his own boss. Also was driven by wanting greater control and greater ability to have an impact.
  • Listening has been one of keys to his success in business.
  • Trust is the other big factor that has lead to his success in business.
  • Tom develops a potential business idea by trying to determine if it’s relevant to enough people. He also identifies new possible business ideas by listening to others.
  • Workload was a big surprise for Tom when he first transitioned into business ownership. He has learned that starting and managing a business is a lot of hard work.
  • For small business owners, first start with the “why” of your business. Get to the “why”, and that then drives your marketing.
  • Your “why”, identifying your target customer, and your problem solution message are the three key things small business owners should focus on when determining their marketing strategy and tactics. It’s the gas that fuels all of your marketing and advertisement vehicles (i.e. traditional media, online marketing, social media, etc.).
  • The basics and initial steps for online marketing for all small business owners is to create a website and a Facebook page.
  • Tom will be taking the role of President at the Dallas Fort Worth Marketing Association. The mission of the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the American Marketing Association is to educate, support, and enhance the performance of its members and marketing professionals in the DFW Metroplex. Their vision is to be the premiere marketing community delivering excellent practices and resources that develop professionals and grow organizations.
  • Marketing tees up a sales success.”


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