Free Small Business Franchise On-Demand Webinar

Franchise Business Webinar

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Free Small Business Franchise On-Demand Webinar

Are you considering starting or investing in a franchise business? Do you need help determining if the franchise business model is right for you? What should you consider as you evaluate a franchise? Henry Lopez, Host of The How of Business Podcast, and Sara Waskow, Franchise Specialist and Owner of FranNet DFW, share their insights and experiences with franchises on this free webinar recording.

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Franchise business webinar topics:

Small Business Ownership Options – Build your own, buy an existing, or invest in a franchise?
What is a Franchise? – An overview of the franchise business model and how it works.
Is a Franchise for You? – Helping you determine is the franchise business model is a fit for you.
Selecting a Franchise – What to look for, questions to ask, and who do your team.
Next Steps – Suggested next steps to help you realize your dream of starting your first business!

Franchise Benefits

After watching this webinar recording, you will better understand the benefits that a franchise can provide you. When evaluating a potential franchise investment, we recommend that you consider these four types of possible benefits:

Franchise Benefits

Brand – what value does the franchise brand (the name and other trademarks) provide you now or in the future?

Systems – It’s all about the systems! It’s at the heart of why you might invest in a franchise. Executing on comprehensive and proven systems is the key to a successful franchise operation.

Leverage – What leverage or advantage – through combined buying power, for example – does the franchise provide you?

Network – A network of other owners and partners is critical to your short-term and long-term success as a franchise owner.

As you consider a franchise small business opportunity, using these three benefits (Brand, Systems, Leverage and Network) as criteria will help you with identifying the best franchise business option for you.

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