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Handyman Startup – How to Start & Grow a Handyman Business

We have partnered with Dan Perry, founder of Handyman Startup, to offer you his knowledge and insights on how to start and grow a profitable Handyman (or woman!) Business.

Dan built his own successful and profitable handyman business after transitioning from his mechanical engineering career. His popular The Handyman Startup YouTube Channel is all about helping DIYers and Pros who care about quality and craftsmanship to complete DIY projects efficiently, safely, and with confidence.

Dan started his handyman business in 2011 despite having zero business experience, minimal home repair experience, and as he says, “no idea what I was doing!” Not having any experience led to a real struggle to get started, and he made all kinds of mistakes. But he kept at it. He interviewed other successful business owners, read books, studied psychology, and learned wherever and whenever possible. Within just 6 months, he was able to replace his engineering job income.

Daniel now focuses on sharing what he has learned to help you launch a successful handyman business. He has taken all of his experience with starting a small business, and helping others start their handyman business, and created a series of courses and resources to help others do the same.

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  • Course #1 – Turn Your Skills Into Profits
    A detailed step-by-step guide to starting a profitable handyman business.
  • Course #2 – $100K Handyman Pricing
    How to price your services for maximum profit.
  • Course #3 – Handyman Marketing Machine
    Learn how to attract high-paying customers to your handyman business consistently so you can keep your schedule filled with profitable jobs.

All three of these courses are designed to work together. They’ve been carefully crafted, tested, and refined to work together to help you start and grow a profitable and fulfilling handyman business.

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