Henry Lopez – Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners.

Henry Lopez - Small Business Coach

Small Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching with Henry Lopez – Serial Entrepreneur, Small Business Coach, and Host of The How of Business podcast. Helping you start, run and grow your small business.

Henry currently offers an initial free coaching session, and a paid one-on-one coaching program. If you have not consulted with Henry previously, please schedule your free Coaching Consultation

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Henry can help you determine if you are ready to be your own boss – and if you are not quite ready, he can help you put together a plan to get there!

He can also help you develop your business idea, make the transition from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, develop your business plan and model, get your small business launched, and organize and manage your business for growth, profit and success!

If you are an existing small business owner, Henry can help you organize and grow your business by improving your marketing, operations and management systems, allowing you to finally realize the benefits and freedoms of being your own boss!


Small Business Coaching. Henry can help you start your small business.

A Business Coach can help you get started with becoming your own boss, and provide guidance as you develop and grow your small business. Entrepreneurship can often be a lonely pursuit, and a great Coach is someone who understands what you are going through and helps you ask the right questions

Your Business Coach is also someone who helps to keep you accountable and consistently focused on the next step towards achieving your goals.


Free Small Business Coaching Consultation

Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, Business Coach, and the host of The How of Business podcast. He offers private one-on-one Business Coaching sessions to help you start and grow you small business.

From helping you develop your idea for a new business, to growing your existing company, Henry can offer valuable guidance, advice and coaching to help you achieve success.

Henry Lopez - Small Business Coach

Henry has over 35 years of diverse business ownership and management experience. He has helped numerous mentoring and coaching clients launch, manage and expand their small businesses.

Henry takes a positive approach to working with his clients and has a unique ability for helping you ask the right questions, keeping you accountable, and helping you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

Henry's Full Bio

Henry Lopez - Serial Entrepreneur

Henry’s areas of expertise include:

  • Small Business Startup
  • Business Plans
  • Business Systems
  • Business Operations
  • Sales Force Enablement
  • Delivering Remarkable Customer Service
  • Financial Management & Planning
  • Buying & Selling a Small Business
  • Franchising

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    Henry Lopez – Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners and the Self-Employed.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Q. What should I expect from a business coach?
      A. You should expect professional guidance, advice and accountability. A business coach won’t have all of the answers, but will be skilled in helping you ask the right questions to help your start, run and grow your business. A professional small business coach will also be a great listener, and the “friend” who understands what you are going through because they have experienced the same or similar situations. They will also shares their experienced opinions, and challenge you when they think you may be making a mistake.
    • Q. Who needs a business coach?
      A. Every small business owner can benefit from a small business coach. You will find that even the most seasoned of entrepreneurs have business coaches to help them grow to the next level. Being an entrepreneur or small business owner can be a lonely pursuit, and a business coach can serve as a trusted advisor and counselor. Hiring the right business coach will be one of the best investments you make in your business.  
    • Q. What should I ask my business coach?
      A. Before you engage a small business coach, you always want to have a consultation to get to know them and learn about their background. As you are evaluating a business coach, you should ask about their experience and approach. Have they owned a small business themselves? What is their approach to helping their clients?
    • Q. Who are the best business coaches?
      A. The best small business coaches tend to be people who have owned small businesses. It’s difficult to offer expert advice without first having experienced the challenges of business ownership. The best small business coaches also have a gift for communicating and inspiring. They are also excellent listeners, and have a deep empathy, compassion and understanding of the struggles of entrepreneurship and small business ownership. 
    • Q. When should I hire a business coach?
      A. A small business coach can help you at every phase of your business lifecycle, including business planning, start-up, growing and exit or sale. Some business coaches specialize in one particular stage, like helping you prepare your small business for sale, but most have the experience and knowledge to help you regardless of the stage of your business. 
    • Q. Should I pay for a business coach?
      A. Everyone can benefit from the help and guidance or an experienced business coach, and experienced and effective small business coaching will come at an investment. If you can afford it, then yes, you should consider paying for the advice and help of a professional small business coach.
    • Q. How much does a small business coach cost?
      A. Costs can vary widely, depending on the industry and the experience of the business coach. Hourly rates can range anywhere from $100 to $300 or more, and many small business coaching offer a bundle or coaching program of one-on-one or group coaching sessions.
    • Q. Does Henry really offer a FREE Coaching Consultation?
      A. Yes, you are invited to schedule a completely free 30-minute small business coaching call with Henry Lopez. There are no further commitments and no credit card required.
    • Q. What happens during the FREE Coaching Consultation with Henry Lopez?
      A. During this free session, you will learn about Henry’s coaching style and approach, he will provide guidance and insights on your top issues and questions, and explain how he works with his coaching clients. After the call, you will be better able to determine if Henry can help you achieve your goals and dreams – to launch your first business or to grow your existing small business.
    • Q. What happens during the first paid coaching session?
      A. Your initial paid coaching session with Henry will be about getting to know each other better, and then Henry will ask you a series of questions to better understand your business. During this initial coaching call, you and Henry will also establish the goals you would like to achieve during the coaching program. Henry will help you begin to get clarity on your long-term vision, and help you execute on the short-term tasks and projects that will ensure you achieve your dreams of small business ownership. 
    • Q. Are small business coaches just for start-ups?
      A. Business coaches can help you at any stage of your business ownership life. From determining if you are ready to be your own boss, to helping you exit your established small business, a coach can help you navigate the complexities and uncertainties of business. Experienced business owners and entrepreneurs realize the value of having coaches through all phases of their businesses. 
    • Q. Who is your ideal business coaching client?
      A. Someone planning to start a small business, and existing small business owners looking to grow or exit their business.  An ideal client is someone who appreciates the value of what Henry Lopez can offer, and is willing to invest the money, time, and effort to have a positive impact on their business venture. 
    • Q. What is the problem you solve for your coaching clients?
      A. For those wanting to start their first small business: overcoming the fear of failure, understanding and working through the overwhelming and paralyzing effort involved, and the how-to steps to get your business launched. For existing business owners: developing and implementing the systems to help you grow, and the business model that allows you to realize the full potential of a business owner. Keeping them from being consumed by the business, and developing equity so they have options if they decide to exit.