Resources to help you launch & grow your small business.

Here you will find valuable resources to help you launch, operate & grow your small business, including online courses, educational workshops, business service partners, small business coaching services offered by Henry Lopez, free tools and guides, our Webinar and Workshop Archives, recommended books and Biz Notes, and more.

The How of Business is focused on helping you successfully start, run and grow your profitable small business and achieve your dreams of entrepreneurship.

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Courses & Workshops

Educational courses and workshops to help you start, run and grow your small business:

The How of Business Courses & Workshops:

Courses & Workshops from our trusted partners:

Small Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching services to help you start, run and grow your small business:

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Small Business Services

Trusted service resource partners for small business owners, including Marketing, Website & SEO, Independent Franchise Consultant, Public Relations, and Employee Background Checks:

Free Downloads

Free Downloads - Documents, guides, checklists and other tools to help you start and grow your small business.

Click on the desired download from the list below, enter your first name and a valid email, and then look for the file at the bottom of your browser window or click on the Download link at the top of your browser screen. You should also look for your downloaded file in the folder on your device where downloads are usually saved. 

Start-Up Downloads

Starting Your Business - Are You Ready?
Are you ready to be your own boss? Determine if you are ready to become your own boss.

Ideation - Where Business Ideas Come From
The creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new business ideas.

Small Business Start-Up Checklist
Guides you through the primary steps required to start your small business.


Small Business Plan Downloads

Business Plan Outline
A Small Business Plan outline to help you develop and launch your business.

Lean Business Model Canvas
Lean business model canvas for iterative business start-up planning.

Financial Projections Spreadsheet
Financial Projections Excel spreadsheet to help you plan for a successful and profitable small business.

Annual Strategic Plan Outline
An outline to help you create an effective Annual Strategic Plan to grow your small business.


Partnership Downloads

Business Partnership Checklist
Helps you define the general terms of a partnership or operating agreement (also called the Memo of Understanding for Partnerships).

3 Pillars of Successful Business Partnerships
Successful small business partnerships are based on trust, respect and alignment.


Marketing Downloads

Marketing Plan Checklist
Small business marketing plan outline, with links to related resources.

ChatGPT Introduction Guide
ChatGPT introduction guide for small business owners.

Your Avatar
How to define your target or ideal client profile - your small business avatar.

Elevator Pitch
How to craft an effective Elevator Pitch for your small business.

Email Marketing Tips
How to use email marketing to grow your small business.


Financials Downloads

Cashflow Worksheet
Forecast your business cash requirements, and Top 10 Cash Flow tips.

Sample Profit & Loss Statement
How to use your P&L statement to manage your profitable small business.

Pricing Fundamentals for Small Business
Fundamentals of pricing your products or services to operate a profitable small business.



Legal Downloads

Legal Entity Creation Checklist
Steps required to create your LLC or Corporation.


Franchise Downloads

Four Franchise Benefits
The top 4 benefits of a franchise small business.


Operations Downloads

2 Responsibilities Business Owners Must Embrace
Why decision making and accepting mistakes are critical to successful entrepreneurship.

4 Reasons to Delegate
Four primary reasons to learn how to delegate effectively.

Delegation Worksheet
Use this worksheet tool to help you delegate effectively.

6 Steps to Remarkable Customer Service
How to consistently deliver remarkable customer experiences.


Employee Downloads

5 Ways to Engage Hourly Employees
Tips for successfully recruiting and retaining hourly-wage staff.

Employee Performance Review Form
Use this form to conduct and document a formal employee performance review.

Employee Self-Assessment Form
Use this form to have your employee grade their own performance, as part of your employee performance assessment process.

Corrective Counseling Form
Use this form to document an employee performance issue. Includes employee performance decision flowchart.

Variable Compensation Plan
Download this sample Variable Compensation Plan spreadsheet tool to help you create your a comp plan.

Employment Application
Download this Employment Application template to help you create your application for employment.