The Simplest Biz – Shipping Products Brokerage Business

We have partnered with John Wilker, founder of The Simplest Biz, to offer you his knowledge and insights on how you can start and grow your own Shipping Products Brokerage Business.

John has developed a simple yet effective business model for providing middle-man services for businesses that ship and receive products. Specifically, he acquires industrial byproducts, the kind of stuff that’s used for shipping like pallets, cardboard boxes, crates, and sells them to others for a profit.

Anyone can learn how to do this business, and you can start it as a side-hustle or grow it into a full-time small business. There is very little investment required up-front, and you don’t necessarily even need your own truck. There is also no inventory, no warehouse, and no employee issues to worry about. All it takes is determination, the willingness to develop contacts in the industry, and to learn the proven business model for The Simplest Biz.

The Simplest Biz Training Course

The Simplest Biz 2.0 Training Course:
Investment: Regularly $2,797 – Special Price for The How of Business listeners: $1,997!
That’s an $800 or 31% discount.

To receive your discount, learn more and enroll, please use this special link: The Simplest Biz 2.0 Training Course.

By the end of this course you will be able to start your own Shipping Product Brokerage Business! This online self-paced course includes:

  • Access to 13 Course Modules
  • In-the-Field Training Examples
  • Business Software Training
  • Virtual File Cabinet with Done-for-You Documents
  • Over-the-Shoulder Training
  • Step-by-Step Training
  • Private Facebook Support Group & Community
  • Extensive Suppliers List
  • Extensive Buyers List
  • Passive Income Brokering Strategies
  • Version 2 of this course – which includes years of knowledge and development

Webinar Recording:

Want to learn more about The Simplest Biz opportunity? Watch this on-demand webinar recording:

On this on-demand recording of The Simplest Biz webinar, you will learn more about the Simplest Biz – a Shipping Products Brokerage Business.

Moderated by Henry Lopez, host of The How of Business podcast.

John Wilker shares the Simplest Biz in more detail. If you want to learn more about this small business opportunity, then watch Henry Lopez and John Wilker on this free webinar recording.

John has developed a simple yet effective business model for providing middle-man services for businesses that ship and receive products. He shows you, step-by-step, how to acquire industrial byproducts like pallets, cardboard boxes, and crates, and sell them to others for a profit.

After perfecting this business model, John developed a highly successful and effective online self-paced course. After hundreds of students, and years of feedback and development, he has recently released version 2 of his course.

Testimonial Video:

Want to learn more about how people just like you are building their own successful Shipping Products Brokerage small business? Watch this latest testimonial video with real graduates of The Simplest Biz online course:

Learn more and register for the online course: The Simplest Biz

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