The Simplest Biz – Shipping Products Brokerage Business

We have partnered with John Wilker, founder of The Simplest Biz, to offer you his knowledge and insights on how you can start and grow your own Shipping Products Brokerage Business.

John has developed a simple yet effective business model for providing middle-man services for businesses that ship and receive products. Specifically, he acquires industrial byproducts, the kind of stuff that’s used for shipping like pallets, cardboard boxes, crates, and sells them to others for a profit.

How to Start a Pallet Flipping Business

Anyone can learn how to do this business, and you can start it as a side-hustle or grow it into a full-time small business. There is very little investment required up-front, and you don’t necessarily even need your own truck. There is also no inventory, no warehouse, and no employee issues to worry about. All it takes is determination, the willingness to develop contacts in the industry, and to learn the proven business model for The Simplest Biz.


The Simplest Biz Training Course

The Simplest Biz 2.0 Training Course:
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Webinar Recording:

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On this on-demand recording of The Simplest Biz webinar, you will learn more about the Simplest Biz – a Shipping Products Brokerage Business.

Moderated by Henry Lopez, host of The How of Business podcast.

John Wilker shares the Simplest Biz in more detail. If you want to learn more about this small business opportunity, then watch Henry Lopez and John Wilker on this free webinar recording.

John has developed a simple yet effective business model for providing middle-man services for businesses that ship and receive products. He shows you, step-by-step, how to acquire industrial byproducts like pallets, cardboard boxes, and crates, and sell them to others for a profit.

After perfecting this business model, John developed a highly successful and effective online self-paced course. After hundreds of students, and years of feedback and development, he has recently released version 2 of his course.

Testimonial Video:

Want to learn more about how people just like you are building their own successful Shipping Products Brokerage small business? Watch this latest testimonial video with real graduates of The Simplest Biz online course:

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More About the Shipping Products Brokerage Business:

The shipping products brokerage industry is a vast domain, essential for global trade and logistics. One of the niche yet lucrative segments within this industry is pallet flipping or brokerage. As businesses across the globe continually seek cost-effective and efficient methods for shipping their products, the demand for standardized shipping platforms, primarily pallets, has grown substantially. This demand surge has paved the way for entrepreneurs and brokers specializing in acquiring, repairing, and selling pallets: the business of pallet flipping.

One of the key benefits of the Shipping Products Brokerage Business, which includes pallet recycling, is the it’s not dependent on the internet for sales and marketing. Instead, this small business model is based on building and developing relationships with local businesses and can be run without the need for a website or online presence.

This means that your small business is not subject to the same risks and uncertainties as the other internet-based businesses, making it a more likely to be a stable and reliable source of income.

Pallet flipping or recycling refers to the business of acquiring (often for free!) unused and unwanted pallets from one company, and then flipping them or selling them to another company nearby in need of these pallets. It can also include acquiring damaged wooden pallets, fixing them up, and reselling them at a profit. This can include repairing broken boards, replacing missing nails, and sanding down rough surfaces to make the pallets look and function like new. The pallets are then sold to businesses or individuals who need them for shipping or storage. This can be a profitable small business for those who can develop (by building relationships) a steady supply of used pallets at low prices (or free) and have the ability to transport them to a buyer who can use the pallets.

And it’s more than just pallets that can be brokered through this business model. The shipping products may also include cardboard boxes, crates and other shipping products used by companies to store and ship their products.

The profitability in the pallet flipping business arises from the markup between acquisition and selling price. Additionally, the business has relatively low entry barriers. While large-scale operations may require storage spaces, trucks, and manpower, an individual can start on a smaller scale with minimal upfront investment. However, and with most businesses, this type of small business isn’t without challenges. Market prices for pallets can fluctuate based on demand and supply. Moreover, ensuring the quality of pallets, understanding different pallet standards, and maintaining a consistent supply chain are essential aspects to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q. What is a Shipping Products Brokerage Business?
    A. It’s a brokerage or middle-man services business for companies that ship and receive products. Specifically, you acquire industrial byproducts, used for shipping like pallets, cardboard boxes, crates, and sell them to other companies for a profit. Although it’s more than just pallets, it may be referred to as a pallet flipping business. 
  • Q. Is this the same as a Pallet Flipping Business?
    A. Yes, but it’s also more than just flipping pallets – it can also include cardboard boxes, crates, and other shipping supplies.
  • Q. What’s the investment required to start a pallet flipping business?
    A. This type of business usually requires minimal capital investment. You don’t even need to own a truck to get started, since you can easily rent a truck to move the loads of shipping products initially. The biggest investment will be your focus and effort to learn how to do this and then get out in your area and make the contacts.  
  • Q. Who is this business for?
    A. Shipping Products Brokering, or pallet flipping, is for anyone who is will to invest the time and effort. It mostly requires determination, the willingness to develop contacts in the industry, and to learn the proven business model for The Simplest Biz. 
  • Q. Can you make money flipping pallets?
    A. Yes, you can make money in the pallet brokerage or flipping business. While there are no guarantees that you will be profitable, plenty of people from all types of backgrounds have created successful small businesses by applying the proven techniques shared by John Wilker in his Simplest Biz program. 
  • Q. Is this the same as a Pallet Selling Business?
    A. Yes, that is one component of The Simplest Business. One opportunity of this business involves the brokering or flipping of shipping pallets (wood and synthetic pallets of all sizes) that you acquire from companies who have no need for them and selling them at a profit to other nearby companies that do require them. Unlike some pallet selling business models, however, you will likely never have to store or keep inventory of pallets or other shipping product (i.e. drums, barrels, boxes). Instead, you are simply moving them from one location to another.
  • Q. How do I create a Pallet Flipping Business Plan?
    A. As with any Small Business Plan, you should start with an outline of your proposed business model. The Simplest Biz course will provide you with a step-by-step plan to help you get started and grow your pallet flipping business. Your Business Plan should include your target market, how you will find suppliers and clients, your operations model, and your financial projections.