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The How of Business Podcast show, a top-rated small business podcast with over 100,000 monthly listeners, offers show sponsorship and affiliate programs.

Want to be a Show Sponsor or Affiliate? As a show sponsor or affiliate you receive targeted promotion of your business on specific episodes of our podcast and on this website. Our podcast reaches an engaged audience of aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business owners worldwide. Our popular and top-rated business podcast averages over 100,000 unique monthly downloads, 1,187,325 unique downloads in 2022, and over 3,400,000 all-time downloads.

Show Sponsorship:
Sponsorship opportunities include paid advertisement spots and affiliate promotions (host read ads) and promotion on the episode show notes and home pages of this website. See below for more details on show sponsorship. 

Show Affiliates:
Our affiliate program is limited to select trusted partners who offer services or products of value to our audience of people starting their first business and existing small business owners. Each affiliate relationship is unique, and may include a revenue share or other form of direct compensation for opportunities generated by our show. 

For more information, or to be considered as a sponsor or affiliate, please use the contact form below.

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    The How of Business is a top rated show on iTunes and Apple Podcasts, including frequently ranking as one of the top shows in the Business category. Most recently our show has been featured as one of the “All-Time Bestsellers” and ranked as one of the top 200 shows in the “Top Shows” list for the Business category. Our show has also been featured in the “New & Noteworthy” section various times over the past several years, and is currently featured as one of the top podcasts in the Entrepreneurship category on Apple Podcasts.

    The How of Business Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities: 

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    All sponsored promos on our show are read (pre-recorded) by Henry Lopez, the host of The How of Business podcast. Our show reaches an engaged audience of aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business owners.

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