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    About the Small Business Partnerships Workshop:

    Learn how to prepare for and benefit from a successful small business partnership by joining the next Small Business Partnerships Online Workshop.

    How to prepare for a successful small business partnership including the Business Partnership Checklist. Henry Lopez shares his experiences and tips for a successful partnerships.

    During this 90-minute live and interactive online workshop, Henry Lopez (Serial Entrepreneur and Host of The How of Business Podcast) will provide you with specific guidance and tips to help you enter and evolve a business partnership the results in small business success for all partners.

    This workshop includes the Business Partnership Checklist, which guides you through the recommended initial conversations you should have with your business partners and leads to a well crafted Partnership or Operating Agreement.

    After participating in this workshop, you and your partners will be better prepared to discuss and agree to a partnership agreement that becomes the blueprint for a successful small business.

    This is not a presentation or recording – it’s an interactive live working session where you will follow along as Henry takes you through the potential advantages and challenges of a business partnership. You will get to ask questions, as the workshop will be limited to a small group.

    Join Henry Lopez for this online live workshop to learn:

    • Understand the advantages and challenges of Business Partnerships.
    • Pillars of a Successful Business Partnership: Trust, Respect, Communication.
    • How to use The Business Partnership Checklist – including key partnership discussion points.
    • Why you need a Partnership Agreement.

    This live workshop has a limited number of spots available. Limiting it to a small group allows for better interaction, and for you to get all of your questions answered.

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