Stress-Free Small Business On-Demand Webinar Recording

Stress-Free Small Business Webinar

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Stress-Free Small Business On-Demand Webinar Recording

Is the stress from your small business making you sick? Henry Lopez hosts Joan Sotkin on this informative webinar. Joan is a small business owner, personal coach, and an expert in helping people relieve the stress in their lives. The topics covered in this episodes include:

  • What are you stressed about?
  • Why bother eliminating stress?
  • What is stress and the dangers of prolonged stress?
  • Causes of stress and the Stress Response
  • It’s all about Habits
  • Care for your business and yourself
  • Next Steps to help you eliminate or reduce the bad stress

Stress-Free Small Business Webinar Recording

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More About Joan Sotkin:

Joan Sotkin - Entrepreneur & Small Business CoachJoan Sotkin is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author and podcaster. She helps her clients get rid of their money worries and earn more doing work they love!

Joan has develop a unique, holistic approach to prosperity. She helps entrepreneurs and practitioners use their inner resources along with practical techniques to experience freedom from struggle personally, professionally, and financially. Joan has authored several books, including “Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money” and “The Search for Connection: A Spiritual Journey to Physical, Emotional, and Financial Health”.

Stress-Free Small Business On-Demand Webinar – Additional Details:

Learn how to let go of your stress! One of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do is to let go, relax, and just forget about the business – just for a little while. But working long hours and worrying a lot about your business and your finances is actually hurting more than helping. Hard work and worry may seem like necessities when building a business (and this is certainly normal when you first launch your small business), but habits like these cause chronic stress and burnout. The fact is, with less stress you will be more efficient and productive, you’ll make better decisions, and you’ll enjoy your life more.

During these chaotic times, being able to control your internal environment is the key to your business success. On this webinar, Henry Lopez and Joan Sotkin share actionable tips on how to eliminate or reduce your bad and unhealthy stress.

Whether you are planning to become your own boss, or you are a successful small business owner, learning how to minimize and manage stress is something that applies to and benefits everyone. Take advantage of this free small business resource by investing the time to listen to this on-demand webinar recording today.

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