Free Website Health Check Webinar with Adam Kirk

Website Health Check Webinar

Free Website Health Check Webinar with Adam Kirk

Did you miss the live webinar? We invite you to watch the recording below:

Tools referenced in this webinar:

Here is what we cover in this recorded webinar:

  • Website Health-Check Overview – What makes a healthy small business website?
  • SSL Certificates – What is it and why does my website need one?
  • SEO – the basics of Search Engine Optimization and getting found online.
  • Conversion – does your site lead to action?
  • Free Website Checkup Tool

Is your website working for you or against you?

During this free webinar, Henry Lopez (co-host of The How of Business podcast) and Adam Kirk (founder of Oostas – providing website and marketing services for small business) share valuable tips and advice to help you determine the health of your small business website. From the security to the effectiveness of your site, we cover the essentials. After watching this webinar you will be able to determine the current health of your website, and what you may need to do next to make it better.

This webinar is for non-technical small business owners.

Does Google like your website?

Will your website get blocked by Google and Chrome?


After watching this webinar recording, you will better understand how to make your website secure, so that Google considers it a safe site. We will help you answer these important questions:

What is an SSL Certificate and how do I get one?

Will my website be blocked by Google?

What’s involved with installing an SSL Certificate?


Can they find you online?

Are you listed on the first page with Google?

Is your website found online when people search of the products or services you offer? Are you listed on page one of Google search results?

After watching our free webinar recording, you will be better prepared to take the next step with improving your Google search ranking.

Being found online is mostly dependent on applying the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. And then adjusting and refreshing your content to continue to be highly rated on Google and other search engines. Your SEO has to be relevant to the industry you’re involved in; for instance, if you’re a plastic surgeon, using keywords surrounding that area of expertise is vital. If you really didn’t want to do your SEO yourself, owners of plastic surgeries could still outsource seo for plastic surgeons for good quality and knowledgable marketing in that industry. There are many outsourced SEO marketing companies specific to one industry that businesses can seek out.

There is no magic bullet with SEO, and it’s virtually impossible to game the system and trick Google. Instead, it takes specific SEO techniques applied to a well designed, relevant and frequently updated website. With this in mind, if you need help and support optimizing your website for search engines, you might want to consider reaching out to an SEO Company in Los Angeles or an SEO company in your area.

Is your website working hard for you?

Making your website easy to find is one things, but how does your website perform once you get someone on it? Do they have a hard time understanding and navigating your site, or is it easy for them to learn more about you? Most importantly, is it obvious and easy for visitors to you site to take action – call, email, subscribe, buy….whatever your desired call-to-action or conversion may be.

On this webinar we share some tips on how to check your small business website for ease-of-use and conversion effectiveness.

FREE Website Checkup!

Our partners at Oostas offer a comprehensive free Website Checkup. This detailed analysis provides you with the information you need to improve the health of your website.

During the webinar, we explain how this free checkup tool works, and what to do with the valuable and actionable information it provides you.

Watch this free Website Check-Up Webinar recording!

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