Launching Proper Good with Christopher Jane

Launching Proper Good, a direct-to-consumer food company specializing in quick healthy meal options, with entrepreneur Christopher Jane. He also shares his entrepreneur journey.

Christopher Jane - Entrepreneur

Christopher Jane is an entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Proper Good – Proper Good offers 90-second meal solutions with options for keto, gluten-free, plant-based and other lifestyle needs.

Christopher grew up on the south coast of England before moving to Bozeman, Montana, after completing his Finance undergraduate degree in London. He then was a co-founder of Montana Mex, a clean-label condiment company that launched seven products to thousands of grocery stores.  After a number of years he stepped away to do his MBA at Stanford where he came up with the idea for his newest food brand Proper Good, which launched direct-to-consumer in April 2020.

Christopher lives in Austin, Texas.

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Launching Proper Good with Christopher Jane:

  • Have you ever worked for someone else?
  • What led to launching your first business, Montana Mex. Why did you exit that business?
  • Why did you decide to get an MBA and how has it helped you as an entrepreneur?
  • When did you know you wanted to be your own boss? Who were early entrepreneurial influences?
  • Please share the story of what led to launching Proper Good.
  • What is the need you are addressing in the market and who is your target customer?
  • Co-founded with Jennifer?
  • Launched in 2020, revenues surpassed seven figures in their first year, shipped over 100,000s meals to date.
  • When are you planning to be profitable?
  • How did you fund the launch?
  • How long from idea to launch?
  • How did you test or prototype the product?
  • Why did you decide to move forward with launching in 2020 despite COVID?
  • Pricing Model: Packs, Monthly Subscription (with discount).
  • Distribution Model: Direct-to-consumer; other plans?
  • Please share your experience in the XRC Labs retail accelerator program. What was the value?
  • What’s next for Proper Good?

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