Launching TerraSlate Paper with Kyle Ewing

Launching and growing TerraSlate Paper with Kyle Ewing. Kyle Ewing is an entrepreneur and the President and Founder of TerraSlate Paper – TerraSlate Paper is a tear-proof & waterproof laser printer paper.

Kyle Ewing - Entrepreneur

How do you develop an idea for a unique product, and then successfully develop it and bring it to market? And before you even get to that idea, how to you find the courage to leave a successful corporate career, overcome a business failure, and persevere as a successful entrepreneur? Kyle Ewing shares his inspirational entrepreneur story, and how he launched and is growing his current business – TerraSlate Paper.

Kyle Ewing is an entrepreneur and the President and Founder of TerraSlate Paper – TerraSlate Paper is a tear-proof & waterproof laser printer paper. Compatible with ballpoint pens, copy machines, laser printer and digital presses, TerraSlate is a synthetic paper that never needs laminating.

Kyle became a full-time entrepreneur in 2014 when he left the corporate world to build his first company. He has enjoyed success as well as setbacks on his entrepreneur journey, and today his successfully growing his latest business – TerraSlate Paper.

In his personal life Kyle is an avid triathlete, runner and mountaineer in addition to his volunteer work.

Kyle lives in Denver, Colorado.

Launching TerraSlate Paper with Kyle Ewing:

  • Please briefly share a high-level summary of your corporate career.
  • What led you to leaving your corporate career and launching Guerrilla Tags ID Systems?
  • Please share the brief story of your business that was not a success. What where the lessons learned?
  • Despite the setback, you continued with another venture. Why?
  • When did you know you wanted to be your own boss? Who were early entrepreneurial influences?
  • Please introduce your product: TerraSlate – what is it and how is it used?
  • How does it work? Is it a patented technology?
  • Please share the story of what led you to the idea for TerraSlate?
  • What are your annual revenues?
  • Are you profitable?
  • How did you fund the launch? Any additional outside funding?
  • How long from idea to launch?
  • How did you test or prototype the product? How did you protect the idea?
  • Manufacturing Model: How and where is the product manufactured?
  • Pricing Model: How is the product priced?
  • Distribution Model: How do you currently sell the TerraSlate paper?
  • Would you please share a significant early surprise? Something you were not expecting when you first launched TerraSlate?
  • What’s the biggest challenge in your business now?
  • What’s next for TerraSlate?
  • What’s your advice for someone who has a product idea? What should they do first?

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