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Inventing Wad-Free with Entrepreneur Cyndi Bray.

How entrepreneur Cyndi Bray invented and marketed Wad-Free – a practical home-laundry product that keeps your bed sheets from wadding up in your washer or dryer.

Cyndi Bray - Enrepreneur

Cyndi shares her entrepreneur story and how she invented, developed and launched a practical home-laundry product, including an appearance on Shark Tank, all during the pandemic!

Cyndi Bray is an entrepreneur and inventor. She is the owner of Brayniacs LLC and inventor of the Wad-Free line of products.

During the pandemic, Cyndi decided to tackle a problem that had been irritating her for years, bed sheets wadding up in the washer and dryer, and launched a company to solve this problem. Her patented invention, Wad-Free was just recently featured on Shark Tank and had been positively reviewed and featured on various sites and publications.

Cyndi lives in Denver, Colorado.

Inventing Wad-Free with Entrepreneur Cyndi Bray – topics and questions covered in this episode include:

  • Cyndi shares the story of her career and personal situation before inventing the Wad-Free product.
  • She explains what led her to inventing Wad-Free – how she identified the problem, developed a solution, and started a small business to bring this product to market.
  • “Wad-Free does more than just save time and ease laundry frustrations, it actually is making laundry more environmentally friendly as well. Wad-Free reduces water and energy usage by making it possible to wash larger loads and reduces dryer times by up to 75%.”
  • Cyndi shares highlights of her experience on Shark Tank and why she decided to appear on the show.
  • How long from idea to launch of the product?
  • How did you test or prototype the product?
  • How did you fund the development, prototype, and launch?
  • Is the business profitable?
  • Manufacturing Model: How and where is the product manufactured?
  • Patent: Please share some insights and tips related to your experience with filing for your patent.
  • Distribution Model: How do you currently sell/distribute the product?
  • From developing the initial idea, to developing and testing a prototype product, to launching her small business and growing it to profitability, Cyndi shares her successful small business ownership journey.

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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