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Selling on Amazon with Steven Pope.

How to successfully sell your product on Amazon with entrepreneur and Amazon expert Steve Pope.

Steven Pope - Amazon Expert

Steven Pope is the founder of My Amazon Guy. My Amazon Guy is a full-service Amazon Agency that helps their clients growth hack sales through traffic and conversion improvements, including PPC, SEO, Design, Catalog Merchandising, and more – all in-house. You can learn more on his website, YouTube channel and podcast – My Amazon Guy.

He started his career as a TV reporter in Idaho, then was an eCommerce Director for 10 years for brands ranging from Gold & Silver Coins to Women’s Plus Size Clothing. After dozens of requests to consult for Amazon clients, he started My Amazon Guy to make it easier to growth hack the platform. Steven owns MAG, My Refund Guy – a clawback FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service, and Momstir – a Private Label FBA Wine Glass brand. He has more than 675+ tutorial videos on YouTube showing how to handle ANY problem faced on Amazon. Steven also hosts a podcast with interviews from other Amazon experts.

Steven lives in Duluth, Georgia.

On this episode Steven Pope shares his entrepreneur journey, how he developed his Amazon expertise, and tips and advice on how to sell a product on Amazon, including: 

  • Steven shares the story of his early career as a TV reporter.
  • You have also been a Master Chess Instructor. What do you think you learned from playing chess that helps with entrepreneurship?
  • What led you to focus on My Amazon Guy in 2012? How did you become an expert on Amazon?
  • Who should consider selling on Amazon? What types of business or products are best for Amazon?
    • Steven believes you should focus on B2C  (Business to Consumer).
    • He also believes American-made products will make a comeback.
    • He likes the “gift” category.
    • Also sports, outdoors, and tools.
    • “If you are not on Amazon for B2c product you are irrelevant.”
  • At high-level, what are the advantages and disadvantages of selling on Amazon?
  • “Amazon is NOT a passive income business.”
  • What’s the key to selling successfully on Amazon?
  • Steven introduces how he helps his clients sell on Amazon:
    • Increasing Traffic:
      • PPC:
        • Please share your thoughts on why Amazon PPC is critical to generating traffic (versus organic search) and any guidelines for PPC spend budgets.
        • Do I need to have Google ad campaigns also?
      • SEO:
        • Please share a couple of tips to improve SEO.
        • “Why every Amazon SEO tools on the market is wrong!” – Characters vs. Bytes (does not include spaces).
    • Improving Conversions:
      • Design:
        • What are some of the components of “A+ Content”?
      • Catalog:
        • Please introduce some of the best practices to achieve listing optimization.
  • What are a couple of common misconceptions or mistakes you observe related to selling on Amazon?
  • Where should I start? What do I need to get have first before selling on Amazon?
  • What are your thoughts and opinions about the future of Amazon?
  • How do you think Amazon will continue to disrupt and reinvent the retail industry?

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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