Elevate Your Brand with Jennifer Holland.

How to Elevate Your Small Business Brand to attract more business and employees with branding expert Jennifer Holland.

Jennifer is back on the show after her highly popular interview on episode 411. If you are looking to improve and leverage the value of your small business brand, to help you sell more and to attract the best people, this episode is for you!

Jennifer Holland is a Certified Brand Strategist, Business Growth Expert, Professional Speaker, Author and the owner of Holland People+Brands – an integrated brand engagement agency.

We explored Jennifer’s career and life experiences on episode 411 of this podcast. On that episode we also had a broad conversation about branding, and on this episode we are going to focus specifically on three secrets to elevating your brand and how it can help you attract and retain great team members.

Jennifer lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

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Elevate Your Brand with Jennifer Holland:

  • The Three Possibilities of my brand effectiveness:
    • People know you and believe you are worth your prices.
    • People know you and don’t believe you are worth your prices.
    • People don’t know you at all!
  • How does brand effectiveness influence potential and existing team members?
    • Why do they care about our brand?
      • Recognition (they would be proud to be associated with you and your small business).
      • Work Environment – what’s it like to work for your small business?
      • Reputation – how it might help their resume.

  • 3 Brand Secrets to Elevate Your Small Business Branding:
  1. Know what differentiates you from your competitors.
    1. How do we begin to identify what makes us different?
    2. What if our competition can say “me too”?
    3. How do we prove this difference?
    4. Does “better customer service” count?
  2. Develop your Unique Value Proposition.
    1. What are some common mistakes small business owners make?
    2. What are some examples of great small business UVPs?
    3. Where do we start with defining this? What questions can I ask?
  3. Ensure your employees consistently deliver your Brand Promise.
    1. How do we enable our employees to do this?
    2. How to we validate that they get it and are delivering consistently?
    3. How does it help with employee retention?

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We have received compensation from this sponsor partner. We only accept sponsorships from companies who we believe provide products and services that are valuable for small business owners.

We have received compensation from this sponsor partner. We only accept sponsorships from companies who we believe provide products and services that are valuable for small business owners.

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