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Experiential Intelligence with Soren Kaplan.

Experiential Intelligence with Soren Kaplan – how a combination of mindsets, abilities, and know-how gathered from life experience can empower you to achieve your goals and build your successful small business.

Soren Kaplan - Author and PhD

Soren Kaplan, PhD, is an award-winning author, an affiliate at the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California, a former corporate executive, founder of three Silicon Valley startups, and a columnist for Inc. magazine.

Soren is an international keynote speaker and has led professional development programs for thousands of executives around the world, including Disney, NBCUniversal, Visa, PayPal, Colgate-Palmolive, Kimberly-Clark, Medtronic, Roche, Hershey’s, Red Bull, and many others.

Soren is the author of “Experiential Intelligence: Harness the Power of Experience for Personal and Business Breakthroughs”.

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More About the Book Experiential Intelligence: 

“Experiential Intelligence reveals how our past experiences impact our present success and future opportunities in ways we often don’t recognize. While you can’t change what’s happened to you or how you’ve responded to it, within your unique stories are hidden strengths waiting to be discovered. Do just that by uncovering your Experiential Intelligence—the mindsets and abilities gained from your personal and professional life experiences.

Just as memorizing facts doesn’t give you a high IQ, your Experiential Intelligence (XQ) isn’t merely what you’ve learned over time. It’s how you perceive challenges, view opportunities, and tackle goals.

XQ is your unique internal fingerprint. Leverage it to:

  • Become a better leader
  • Increase collaboration, innovation, and results
  • Hire and develop talent using more strategic criteria
  • Transform your organization’s culture

Experiential Intelligence reveals the psychological, sociological, and neurological forces that make us tick. Learn how to uncover your hidden assets, remove invisible barriers limiting peak performance, and amplify strengths to achieve breakthroughs for yourself, your team, and your organization.”


Experiential Intelligence with Soren Kaplan:

  • What led to your interest in Organizational Psychology?
  • Please introduce Experiential Intelligence (or “XQ”).
    “…a combination of mindsets, abilities, and know-how gathered from life experience that empowers you to achieve your goals. While we long believed IQ as the key predictor of success, we then found Emotional Intelligence (EQ), the theory of multiple intelligences and mindsets to broaden our outlook. Today, XQ expands our understanding of what’s needed to thrive in a disruptive world. Your unique experiences and stories contain hidden strengths and untapped potential for the future.”

    • Mindsets: Attitudes and Beliefs
    • Abilities: Competencies that integrate knowledge, skills, and experiences.
    • Know-how: Knowledge and skills
  • How is XQ different from, and how does it compliment, IQ (intellect) and EQ (emotional intelligence)?
  • How can XQ help us become a better leader and transform organizational culture?
  • How can it help Increase team collaboration, innovation, and results at a small business?
  • How can it enhance personal growth?
  • How can I begin to develop and tap into XQ? Can I accelerate the development of my XQ?

Do I need a high IQ to start a small business?

No, having a high IQ is not a requirement to start a small business. While a high IQ may help in some aspects of business, such as problem solving and strategic thinking, many successful entrepreneurs have succeeded with a wide range of intelligence levels. Starting a small business often requires passion, hard work, resourcefulness, and the ability to adapt to change, rather than a high IQ.

As Soren Kaplan explains on this episode of The How of Business podcast, Experiential Intelligence is perhaps more important than traditional IQ for successful small business owners.

“We all have Experiential Intelligence that we can leverage to achieve our goals.” – Soren Kaplan

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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