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Launching & Growing Swingers Crazy Golf with Matt Grech-Smith.

Launching and growing Swingers Crazy Golf with entrepreneur Matt Grech-Smith.  Matt is the co-founder and co-CEO of Swingers – the crazy golf club, which has reinvented mini golf for an adult audience by adding gourmet street food, cocktails and a party atmosphere.

Matt Grech-Smith - Entrepreneur

Matt shares his entrepreneur journey, and how he started and is growing Swingers with locations currently in London, New York City and Washington DC.

Matt lives in London, England.

More About Swingers:

“Crazy golf is like mini golf, but way more fun! We have reinvented mini golf for an adult audience by adding gourmet street food, cocktails and a party atmosphere.”

Swingers started life in 2014 as а five month pop-up in a leaky warehouse in London’s Shoreditch, when founders Matt Grech-Smith and Jeremy Simmonds wanted to test out whether a venue that combined crazy golf with cocktails and street food could be a success. News of the pop-up went viral and the tickets sold out instantly, convincing Matt and Jeremy that Swingers needed to find a permanent home!

The first permanent Swingers location opened in the City of London in May 2016 and was a hit from the start. British GQ called it “London’s new Friday night” and “One of the 60 best things in the world”, as well as nominating it for “Best Experience” at the GQ Food & Drink Awards.

Swingers West End, their second London venue followed in 2018, in the former BHS flagship store at Oxford Circus, London.

Swingers opened their first US site in Washington DC in June 2021 and their next site, in Manhattan, New York City, opened in June 2022. Swingers has a number of US openings slated for 2023 and 2024.

Launching & Growing Swingers Crazy Golf with Matt Grech-Smith:

  • Matt shares why he studied Political Science and English Literature at university.
  • He also shares his experiences serving in the British Army.
  • What led you to the idea for Swinger?
  • When did you know you wanted to be your own boss?
  • Matt introduces and explains the business model for Swingers.
  • Why are “Competitive Socializing and “Experiential Leisure” compelling from a business perspective?
  • How did you develop the idea for this business? How long from idea to starting the first pop-up?
  • How did you know or validate that it would also work in the U.S.?
  • How did you fund the launch and expansion?
  • What is the revenue model (how does the business generate revenues)?
  • Are you currently profitable?
  • Any significant early surprises? Something you were not expecting as you started or expanded the business?
  • What’s next for Swingers?
  • Matt shares the importance of being very clear about your addressable market before launching your small business.
  • He also shares the importance of developing and nurturing a network of people who you may leverage when launching and growing your small business.

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.

Recent Experience at Swingers in New York City:

Makena Lopez (daughter of Henry Lopez, host of The How of Business podcast) and her fiancé Colin Rhoades recently visited Swingers Crazy Golf in Manhattan and enjoyed a wonderful evening of miniature golf, cocktails and delicious food.

As Henry Lopez and Matt Grech-Smith discuss on this episode, Swingers Crazy Golf is a business that is consistently executing on its promise to deliver a unique experience. The remarkable customers service, great drinks and food, and fun atmosphere are all in alignment with the brand and marketing. This is a small business that clearly understands its target market and serves them extremely well.

There is certainly lots for small business owners to learn from how Swingers Crazy Golf has developed this competitive socializing and experiential leisure business. They have truly reinvented the business of miniature golf, and are providing a great entertainment value for their customers.

From the detail and quality of the décor to the actual competitiveness and fun of the indoor miniature golf courses (including the mid-round drink-cart break), Swingers Crazy Golf is a highly engaging and entertaining adult experience.

Makena & Colin at Swingers in New York City
Makena & Colin visit Swingers Crazy Golf in NYC!


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