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YouTube Ads for Small Business.

How to use YouTube Ads to grow your Small Business with Aleric Heck. Aleric shares his inspirational entrepreneurial journey, and an introduction to YouTube advertisement to help you grow your small business (starting at 17:17).

YouTube Ads to grow your Small Business with Aleric Heck.

Aleric is a YouTube Ads Expert and the Founder of AdOutreach. He has been on YouTube for over 12 Years, first growing a YouTube Channel to over 500,000+ Subscribers.

Over the last 7 Years, Aleric has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners how to grow and scale their business using laser-targeted YouTube Ads.

Collectively, Aleric has helped his clients generate over $200M in sales from YouTube Ads & scaled his own business to over 8 figures.

Aleric lives in Austin, Texas.

Prefer to listen and watch the episode on YouTube? You can play the video here or on The How of Business YouTube channel.

YouTube Ads for Small Business:

  • Please briefly share the story of when your high school teacher found out you made $60,000 a year from YouTube.
  • Please briefly share the story of turning down a job offer while you were in college.
    “I didn’t want to be the knight in somebody else’s Castle; I wanted to be the king of my own.”
  • Did your bachelor’s degree help your business?
  • Why did you decide to switch from doing to teaching?
  • When did you know you wanted to be your own boss? Who were early entrepreneurial influences?
  • Why are you a business owner? What does it provide you?
  • Why should small business owners consider YouTube, and YouTube Ads, as part of their marketing tactics. Are there types of businesses that are a better fit for YouTube?
  • Please introduce YouTube ads. How do they compare to Google Ads or promoting a YouTube video on my channel?
  • Do I need to invest in YouTube Ads if I expect to convert on YouTube and grow my channel?
  • Please introduce the 4 Main Things that can lead to success on YouTube:
    • Reaching the Right Person
    • With the Ability to Invest
    • At the Right Time
    • With the Right YouTube Ad
  • What is a common mistake most small business owners make when they create YouTube Ads?
    (Ads that lack substance & true value. Can you please share what hypothetical example?)
  • Please introduce the 3 Keys to a YouTube Value-Ad: Hook, Educate, Call to Action
    • Please share an example of a good Hook.
  • Please introduce the 3D YouTube Ads Targeting formula:
    • Audiences / Affinities (Interests)
    • Demographics
    • Video Targeting (Intent)
  • As a small business owner, where should I start with YouTube and YouTube Ads?
  • Is there an ideal ad budget to start with?

How do you see YouTube advertising evolving in the next couple of years?

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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