The Referral of a Lifetime with entrepreneur Tim Templeton

The Referral of a Lifetime with Entrepreneur Tim Templeton

The Referral of a Lifetime with entrepreneur Tim Templeton. Valuable advice on how to leverage relationships and referrals to build your small business. Tim Templeton is an entrepreneur and author of “The Referral of a Lifetime“. He is also the CEO of Consulting Gold, He shares insightful stories from his life and entrepreneurial journey, and tips & advice for those who aspire to become their own boss.

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Tim Templeton - EntrepreneurTim Templeton is a veteran executive, entrepreneur, consultant, international best-selling author and speaker. A life-long learner, Tim has found his passion serving Consulting Gold’s clients and has incorporated his unique abilities into his daily duties.

Tim’s books include The Referral of a Lifetime—The Ken Blanchard Series, 2nd Edition (2016), The Recognized Authority (2016), Always Positive in Your Business and the main contributor on the text; The Entrepreneur’s Handbook. Tim manages a virtual team of project managers for Consulting Gold‘s clients.

By age 28 he had amassed a 7 figure net worth, at 29, he lost everything and moved forward in his career with more experience and more knowledge.

Tim is CEO of Consulting Gold – They provide a best in class social proof acquisition service and follow on implementation solutions. They also offer turnkey positioning services that includes publishing and coaching services. They have assembled a virtual team of leading professionals assigned to each of its projects. Their team of experts represent the very best in class in their area of expertise for each of the offerings they provide for their clients, including entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

The Referral of a Lifetime with Entrepreneur Tim Templeton:

  • Tim shares insightful stories from his entrepreneurial journey. He shares the story of dropping out of college to pursue is entrepreneurial dreams.
  • Tim has endured and moved on to great success in business after many business failures. His perseverance has been a key characteristic that has helped him achieve success in life and in business.
  • He developed his expertise on the topic of referrals when he initial developed a highly-successful program for Realtors.
  • Tim believes strongly in a “relationships first” approach to life and business.
  • Tim shares the great story of meeting with best-selling author Ken Blanchard who helped him with developing and publishing his book “The Referral of a Lifetime” (see link to order book below).
  • Be coach-able” and “ask great questions” and be open to the guidance of mentors in your life and business.
  • Tim explains the concept of Qualified Pre-Endorsed Referrals.
  • In this episode, and in detail in his book, he introduces the concept of Power Advocates – the walking, walking, talking billboards for your small business.
  • “Take the dollar signs off our foreheads, and help others first.”
  • He has developed an approach to categorize and qualify your customer list, and using a high-tech high-touch communication system with your business contacts.


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