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Negotiating Small Business Commercial Space Leases.

Negotiating small business commercial space leases with the late Craig Melby. Craig was a small business owner and experienced commercial real estate investor and agent. He specialized in helping other small business owners find and negotiate the best commercial space agreement possible.

Craig Melby

It is with great sadness that we share the news of of Craig Melby’s passing on April 30, 2019. Craig was a man of great integrity, and a wonderful business associate, and he will be missed by many. You can find his obituary here.

Craig was an entrepreneur and negotiated commercial real estate leases and purchases since 1980 until just before his death in 2019. He founded LeaseSmart after hearing from too many non-clients who contacted him after they negotiated their deal-terms, then asked him to look over the lease before signing it. Always, things could have been done much better. Many times important things. So finally, after experiencing the same need again and again, he formed LeaseSmart to assist those small business people in need. He was also the host of the LeaseSmart Commercial Real Estate Podcast and the author of “Site Rite: Practical ways to boost profits with the right site and best terms!

Craig held real estate licenses in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina. He was a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and a former member of the Society of Office and Industrial Realtors (SIOR). Craig’s specialties included Site Selection, Lease Negotiations and Facility Acquisitions.

Negotiating Small Business Commercial Space Leases with Craig Melby:

  • Craig started in the real estate industry after he graduated from college. He then specialized in Tenant Representation – representing the small business owner in helping them find, negotiate and lease commercial space. Having tenant representation can help a business a lot more than if they were doing it solo.
  • “I don’t like being told what to do.” One of the many reasons Craig knew being an entrepreneur was the right path for him.
  • A quality location, usually for the highest rental rates, is almost always the best choice.
  • You will not get the best possible deal when leasing space unless you have someone (like a Tenant Representative or Buyer’s Broker) representing you exclusively.
  • Craig shares insights into what landlords are looking for in an “ideal” tenant, and other tips & techniques for small business owners looking for commercial space.
  • “Hard work and brutally honest.” A couple of the reasons Craig was successful in business.


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