Emotional Resilience with Kim Ades

Emotional Resilience with Kim Ades, an entrepreneur and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching. She shares valuable tips & advice for small business owners, and her own entrepreneur story.

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Kim Ades - Frame of Mind CoachKim is president and founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and JournalEngine™ Software. She works exclusively with business leaders who are highly driven to accomplish extraordinary achievements. She teaches her clients how to manage their thinking so that they react to negative circumstances with agility and grace.

She is one of North America’s foremost experts on performance through thought management. After many years of study and data analysis, and literally working with thousands of sales professionals and business owners, she has discovered that there is really only one substantial difference between top performers and others – their frame of mind.

Kim lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and five incredible children. For her, family is paramount, and this priority remains at the core of all her endeavors.

  • Her prior business specialized in assessment software to help the hiring process. During that process she learned that one of the common traits of high-achievers is their Emotional Resilience.
  • Her current business, Frame if Mind Coaching, is focused on developing your Emotional Resilience and is based on the belief that “Your thinking determines what you achieve.
  • She has developed and tested a proven method to help her clients become clearly mindful and to understand how their thinking affects their happiness and success in life. She has observed massive transformations with her clients.
  • Unless you address the beliefs, you are going to get stuck repeatedly.
  • She mostly grows her business through client referrals. She continuously asks for feedback from her clients, including a “reverse role coaching call.”
  • She believes that it’s critical that we always challenge our own thinking.
  • Small business owners have a tendency to avoid asking for and seeking help, which makes it harder to grow a business.
  • Instead of seeking “balance” in life, she focuses on “How do I increase my ability to be present where I am.”
  • “Anything you want to achieve is dependent on your thinking.”
  • One of her recommended tools is to journal.
  • FREE COACHING SESSION. Send an email to Kim at  kim@frameofmindcoaching.com with your honest answers to these three questions: 1. What do I really, really want? 2. Why is this important to me, and what would my life be like if I never had that? 3. What’s preventing me from having what I really, really want right now? [A coach on her team will contact you for your free session!]


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