Productivity & Time Management for Entrepreneurs with Lauren Midgley

Productivity & Time Management for Entrepreneurs with Lauren Midgley. Lauren Midgley is a business owner, speaker, author, and a personal productivity expert. She shares her story of becoming her own boss, developing for herself and helping others with the courage to succeed, and productivity & time management advice for entrepreneurs.

Lauren MidgleyLauren Midgley became an entrepreneur in 2010 after a 25+ year career with two Fortune 500 companies in a variety of positions, including Franchise Development, Sales, and Marketing.

She is highly skilled at helping others with their personal productivity, accountability, leadership, sales growth and marketing. Her goal is to shift your thinking and action to get results. She delivers speaking engagements and also offers business coaching for her clients.

Lauren is a professional member of the National Speaker Association and is on the Board for the North Texas Chapter. She has an MBA and undergrad degree in Marketing, and she acquired the Certified Franchise Executive certification from the International Franchise Association. She is based in DFW, Texas.

She is the author of “It’s 6am & I’m Already Behind! – 30 Strategies to Get Caught Up in a Crazy-Busy World!“.

Topics and questions covered in this episode of The How of Business podcast include:

  • Lauren grew up in an entrepreneurial household, but she initially decided to build a career in the corporate world – where she spent 25 successful years.
  • She had built up what she called a “freedom fund”, which allowed her the financial flexibility to start her own business.
  • She shares how she developed confidence in her public speaking skills over time. She believes it’s about practice, and seeking opportunities to speak.
  • Lauren shares tips & advice on time management and productivity for small business owners. She explains that each of us has to find what tools & techniques works for us.
  • The Productive Mind – you start the day with a positive outlook, and you are deliberate and focused about what you want to accomplish, and at the end of the day you seek personal satisfaction. It’s important to understand that you are not going to get it all done in a day.
  • Her book covers 30 strategies for time management and productivity, and in this episode we discuss a few of these strategies including staying focused, managing distractions, and the concept that 75% is good enough.
  • She shares specific tips on how to effectively use to-do lists to manage your tasks and improve your productivity.
  • Through her consulting, workshops and speaking engagements, she helps business owners focus on what matters most right now.


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