Being Extraordinary In Business & Life with Adele McLay

Being Extraordinary In Business & Life with Adele McLay, entrepreneur, speaker, business growth strategist, adviser, personal branding strategist, investor and author. She shares her entrepreneurial journey, defining success, personal branding, and overcoming adversity.

Adele McLay - EntrepreneurAs a chartered accountant, Adèle lead her own multi-million dollar consulting business working with New Zealand’s leading corporations. She has also worked as a highly successful business consultant, managed a range of property development projects, guided small business owners to achieve greater success, and been involved with various private companies and charities.

Adele is the author of “Big Profits – 12 Strategies to Substantially Grow Your Business Profits“, and “Branded You – Hot to Stand Out in Business and Achieve Greater Profitability and Success“.

Adele became a mother for the first time 15 years ago – while supporting a client during their multi-billion dollar merger – and later endured traumatic health issues. Through a period of personal discovery, she successfully overcame the huge emotional trauma that this period in her life involved. She is now keen to use this experience to help others identify how they can use the vulnerability they have experienced, which could be fear, failure, grief, sadness or shame, and turn it into power – regaining control of their lives and becoming successful in business and in life as they define it. She is a New Zealander, but has lived in London for the past 10 years.

Being Extraordinary In Business & Life with Adele McLay:

  • Adele is from New Zealand, but currently lives in London, England.
  • She shares her interesting and varied background and career before becoming her own boss.
  • After hitting a glass ceiling in the banking industry, she began her first business with a partner.
  • She shares how she overcame a fear of public speaking!
  • After the birth of her daughter, she closed her successful consulting business.
  • How do you stand out as the expert in your market or niche? Adele explains the concepts of benefits of personal branding.
  • Adele and Henry discuss the meaning of success.
  • She shares a personal struggle she experienced in life and how she overcame it, and is only recently been able to speak about it.
  • Adele believes in avoiding unfulfilled potential.


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