Pharmacist Entrepreneur with Alex Barker

Pharmacist Entrepreneur with Alex Barker, a Clinical Pharmacist, business owner, and business coach. He shares his journey to becoming a Clinical Pharmacist and beginning his entrepreneurial career, his 66-Day Experiments, and tips & advice for small business owners.

Alex is a Clinical Pharmacist in northern Michigan. In his position as a Clinical Pharmacist, he is responsible for the care of patients with chronic diseases, like diabetes and hepatitis.

Pharmacist Entrepreneur with Alex Barker:

  • Alex explains his approach to getting 10% better.
  • Coaching is when my soul catches on fire.
  • He is currently focusing on eliminating his personal debt, so that he is in a better position to expand his business in 2017.
  • Alex shares his experiences with building several side-hustle businesses, while working hard to reduce their debt and monthly expenses.
  • He introduces his Coaching Program to help people start their side hustle business.
  • “Pick one, versus many,” when deciding what to focus on when you first get started with starting your own business.
  • The 66 Day Experiment – If you can apply daily action, over time the compound effect will take over.
  • Alex shares his content creating process.
  • Attributes his ability to focus as a key element to the success he has achieved in life and small business.


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