Accelerating Performance with Chuck Gumbert

Accelerating Performance with Chuck Gumbert, is an entrepreneur, business mentor and coach, and he is known as The Turnaround Specialist. He helps his clients improve their businesses by accelerating performance. He shares his life journey from serving as a fighter pilot to becoming his own boss.

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Chuck GumbertChuck is The Turnaround Specialist! He is an Entrepreneur, Business Mentor & Coach skilled in assisting business owners & leaders with improving top and bottom line growth, enhancing operations and he has expertise in Accelerating Business Performance.

Chuck retired from as a Lieutenant from the US Navy. He served as a pilot and Mission Commander of the F-14 Tomcat.

Chuck is the CEO and Founder of The Tomcat Group – they provide CEO Mentoring, the Accelerate Business Performance Program, Business Turnaround services, Interim Management service, Speaking, and Training.

He is also the author of several books, including his latest: “Pinnacle Leadership – How to Navigate Change, Move Forward, and Reach Your Peak

Chuck lives in the Wichita, Kansas area.

Accelerating Performance with Chuck Gumbert:

  • At an early age Chuck fell in love with aviation, and that led him to studying aeronautics and then joining the navy. He retired as a Lieutenant.
  • Before taking a scheduled interview with an airline, he decided to make a significant shift in his life plan and decided not to become a pilot but instead went in the business corporate world.
  • Chuck explains his approach to helping his clients improve or accelerate performance in their small businesses.
  • He will often work with companies that are in trouble financially or operationally.
  • A lack of leadership is often what he observes as one of the issues that can lead to serious trouble a small business.
  • Chuck shares tips & advice for driving accountability within an organization.
  • He introduces his success model for a business.
  • Situational Awareness in a small business environment.
  • Leadership, Vision & Strategy.
  • His advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small business owners is to have a plan, and “Stay the course.

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