Growing a Small Business with David Nevogt

Growing a Small Business with David Nevogt, an entrepreneur and co-founder of He shares his entrepreneurial journey, building a business, managing remote workers, and other tips & advice for starting and growing a small business.

David Nevogt - EntrepreneurDave is an entrepreneur, and the co-founder of – established in 2012, Hubstaff helps businesses manage their virtual and remote staff by providing time tracking, screenshots, activity levels, employee payments, and more, in a similar manner to the UK’s leading time tracking software.

After college, he went to work in the corporate world, but soon became dissatisfied with that path and left his job to start his first business.

David lives in Indianapolis, Indiana area.

Show Notes:

  • David shares his story of being frustrated in the corporate world and his first venture into being his own boss. He started by developing a side business while still working his full time job.
  • David learned early on to hire that right type of people and the skill set to compliment his.
  • David explains his experience with starting and building two different small businesses. He shares how they bootstrapped the current business.
  • David shares his experience and tips for managing remote workers, and how his virtual business is organized.
  • He believes in focusing on something to sell.
  • David shares his process to attracting and hiring the right type of sub-contractor or employee.
  • He shares the sacrifices he has made to build his business.

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