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In this episode we interview Adam Force, a social entrepreneur, and founder of Change Creator. Adam shares his entrepreneurial journey, and what it means to build a small business with passion.

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Adam ForceAdam is a social entrepreneur, consultant, and digital marketing and client management expert with over 15 years of experience. He is the Founder and CEO of Change Creator, a multimedia platform focused on business with purpose, and the producers of the Change Creator Magazine app and the Change Creator Podcast.

During his corporate career, Adam created strategies for some of the largest brands in the world. He has also partnered in a legal startup to help people, ran a socially conscious blog and rainforest protection brand, wrote guest articles and owned a house music record label. And then, Social Entrepreneurship caught his attention.

“I’m just a crazy guy who wants to help people live better lives by changing our crazy world.”

Show Notes:

  • Adam shares his thoughts and insights on building a for-profit socially conscious small business.
  • “What will I be doing when I’m 50? Would I still be going to the office at a 9-5? Do I want that? What am I accomplishing?”
  • Adam shares his definition of a “business with purpose.”
  • “Change Creator is a brand designed to inspire and empower people to make a living and a difference. To become responsible entrepreneurs”
  • Can you be highly profitable and socially conscious? Are the two compatible?
  • Can it be enough that our “purpose” is to operate a business that provides benefits and value to all it’s constituent? Can we bring value into the world at this micro level?
  • Why is Social Entrepreneurship of particular appeal to the Millennial generation?


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