David Shriner-Cahn – Smashing the Plateau

In this episode we interview David Shriner-Cahn, an entrepreneur, leadership expert, and podcaster. David shares his entrepreneurial journey, and his tips & advice to help you smash through your plateaus and achieve greater levels of success in life and your small business.

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David is an entrepreneur, leadership expert, and podcaster. He began his 30+ year career as a chemical engineer, and then transitioned into the non-profit sector, and in 2006 launched his own consulting business: TEND Strategic Partners.

At TEND Strategic Partners he works with owners of successful companies who keep hitting roadblocks and he created the TEND System to reduce stress, decrease costly mistakes and manage the resources companies need to smash the plateau and drive success.

David is the host of the Smashing the Plateau podcast show – every expert and business owner he interviews on his show is unique, but they have one thing in common – they know how to fix the problems that get most businesses stuck!

Show Notes:

  • How can knowing what you’re passionate about help you with starting a small business?
  • David talks about the journey he took to starting up his own small business, and becoming his own boss.
  • Henry and David discuss the benefits of producing a business themed podcast.
  • “How do you create a plan that is as simple as possible to get started?”
  • “Success is not an absolute, it’s a scale.”
  • David talks about his small business and how it helps new entrepreneurs start up their business.
  • How can breaking a big thought into small pieces help you in business start-up
  • How can letting go of your ego help you become a successful entrepreneur?


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