Nancy Marmolejo – Discovering Your Talent & Genius

In this episode we interview Nancy Marmolejo, an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, trainer and podcaster.  She shares her personal journey, and we discuss how to uncover our unique Talent & Genius and how that benefits us personally and in our small business.

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Nancy MarmolejoNancy is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and trainer. Her core message is that everyone has unique “talent and genius” in them that is the fuel cell for their success. She is currently writing a book on the cultivation of daily habits that help driven people stay more focused, happy, and on point.

She describes herself as “a teacher at heart”, and she helps entrepreneurs, executives, founders, and thought leaders who want to create a greater level of impact, legacy, and contribution.

Nancy is the founder of and the host of the podcast show, Itenco: Lessons For The Leading Edge, has been in the Top 3 of iTunes and made a mark as a space for thought leadership.

She lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her family.

Show Notes:

  • Nancy Marmolejo wears many hats as an entrepreneur, a trainer, and coach speaker.
  • She helps her clients make a greater impact on life with her small business.
  • Nancy talks about her first small businesses leading up to her latest venture.
  • She explains what she believes is the difference between Talent and Genius.
  • How can connecting with people help you start up your business?
  • How can you overcome the fear of putting your business opinions out in the world.
  • Nancy talks about starting her own business podcast.
  • Nancy discusses her upcoming book titled, ‘Chill.’ This book helps starting entrepreneurs clear their minds and stay on track on their small business journey.
  • “Everyone has genius inside them. When you see it in yourself, you’ll start to see it in others. That’s when true change happens.”
  • Nancy likes to know her client’s personal strengths and find a way to help them use those natural skills to propel them into the small business world.
  • How can tapping into your talents and genius help you with starting your own business?
  • How does compassion and empathy help you in the business world?
  • Nancy’s business offers help with building a strong personal brand.
  • She helps you to communicate your product or service effectively so you can grow your small business.


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