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In this episode we interview Abhi Golhar, an entrepreneur and real estate investor. Abhi shares his entrepreneurial journey, and tips & advice for starting & growing your small business.

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Abhi GolharAbhi is a business owner and real estate investor. His entrepreneurial career began in 1999 as a teenager repairing and replacing computer hardware and software. During college he continued his entrepreneurial journey, but encountered epic failures in business and investing. Since then, he has learned a lot and built several successful businesses from the ground up, including Real Estate Deal Talk.

He is now one of the Managing Partners at Summit & Crowne, a real estate investment and asset management firm based in Atlanta, GA. managing both residential and multi-family projects in Atlanta, Charlotte and St. Louis.

He lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Show Notes:

  • How starting a small business give you more control in your life.
  • “In college, I figured out that I love helping people and helping them with their businesses.”
  • How does working for someone else drain your passion for your line of work?
  • Henry and Abhi discuss how becoming an entrepreneur fulfills the need for “more”.
  • “I have an innate drive to push forward and do things past what I thought was possible.”
  • “When I think about entrepreneurship, I think about just getting out there and starting my own business.”
  • Abhi explains how investing helps open up the possibility of becoming your own boss.
  • Abhi and Henry chat about how a successful business partnership is crucial to being a successful small business owner.
  • He confesses how his ability to laugh at himself and his joyful spirit helped him through the hardest of economic times.
  • Abhi shares his idea of lifestyle design and how it helps him be a successful entrepreneur.
  • “What can get you over the feeling of comfort-ability and the lack of execution is your team. You have to believe in your team.”


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