Taking Your Small Business to the Next Level.

Taking your small business to the next level with Gina Catalano, an entrepreneur, consultant, strategic business coach and author. She shares her entrepreneurial journey and tips & advice to help you grow your small business.

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Gina CatalanoGina is a business owner, consultant, strategic business coach, and author. She is the President of Venture Solutions, and a Certified Value Builder™ Advisor. She specializes in helping owners transition their business to ensure they have both the business and life they deserve, and she helps owners and CEOs to grow the value of their businesses.
Gina is the author of “Tandem Leadership: How Your #2 Can Make You #1“.

Topics and questions covered in this episode of The How of Business podcast include:

  • “…the most successful [small business] leaders have a keen awareness that they and
    their businesses can be better…”
  • Gina introduces the Value Builder System™ (methodology for increasing the value of your company or small business)
  • Why is a business that is well managed, and not depending on the founder, typically of higher value?
  • You help clients answer: What is the best thing you can be doing for your small business, and do you like to do it? What are you not doing because you are too busy?
  • Tandem Leadership is a model for the relationship between a leader and the #2 person or second-in-command.
  • Please explain how what made us successful in the corporate world, may actually eventually be hurting us as entrepreneurs who are looking for a balance in life.
  • How do you help small business owners define what they are truly looking for from their business and life?


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