Roy Austin – Starting & Growing a Small Business

In this episode we interview Roy Austin, a business owner, trainer, speaker, and author. He coaches clients to improve profits, manage risk, and prepare for the future. He also shares his diverse background and transition from the corporate world to becoming his own boss.

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Roy AustinRoy is a CPA, a business owner, business coach, trainer, speaker, and an author. He currently coaches clients to improve profits, manage risk & prepare for the future.

Roy describes himself as a coach, not a consultant. “Consultants tell you what to do; Coaches teach you how to do!”

Roy is a decorated Vietnam war veteran, and has over 37 years of experience in the business world.

In 2007, Roy Austin founded Rockwell Business Solutions to provide coaching, mentoring, and seminars for small businesses.

Roy is the author of The Alligator Business Solution. He describes the book as a user’s manual for small businesses.


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