A Life Worth Barking About with Gila Kurtz

How to live a life worth “barking” about with Gila Kurtz, an entrepreneur and author. She shares her interesting journey from school teacher to starting her dog training business. She now also helps small business owners create a life worth “barking” about – living more authentically, efficiently and playing harder.

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Gila Kurtz - EnrepreneurGila is a successful serial entrepreneur who found her deepest passion in working with dogs and their people. Following a career in education, Gila built a successful dog training business and then co-founded the award-winning lifestyle brand for dog lovers: Dog is Good.

Gila is also an author and teacher, and she speaks professionally on life lessons, entrepreneurship, building relationships, and parenting strategies….inspired by dogs.

She is the author of “Fur Covered Wisdom – a dog can change the way you see the world”

Topics and questions covered in this episodes include:

  • Please introduce this approach and perspective (and metaphor) of learning from how dogs behave and interact, and what small business owners can learn from it.
  • What are some of the characteristics you have observed in the behavior of dogs that you have applied in your own life? How has it helped you live more authentically?
  • What can small business owners and entrepreneurs learn from these observations? What about as it relates to working in teams? How about working more efficiently?
  • What have you learned from dogs, that you believe applies to humans, about playing?


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