Laura Pennington Interview – Freelancing Business

In this episode we interview Laura Pennington, an entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and freelancer. She shares her journey, from teacher to starting her own freelance writing business.

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Laura Pennington

Laura is an entrepreneur, an expert Content Marketer, Ghostwriter, Legal Writer, Freelance Writer, professional speaker, educator, & Podcast Host. She is the founder of Six Figure Writing Secrets, and several other businesses. Her podcast is the “Better Biz Academy with Laura Pennington“.

Laura is an expert content marketing strategist, having helped more than 300 clients boost their businesses and gain better leads online. Laura went from part-time freelancing to a six figure business in just 18 months. After being asked so many times “How did you do it?”, she founded two leading programs to help new and existing freelance writers launch and grow incredible businesses from home.


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