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The Value of Business Mentorship.

The Value of Business Mentorship with Lucy Lloyd. She shares her personal journey, entrepreneurship experiences, and the value of business mentorship.

In this episode we interview Lucy Lloyd, a small business owner and the co-founder of Mentorloop. She shares her personal journey, her experiences in entrepreneurship, and tips & advice on starting a business and the value of business mentorship.

Lucy Lloyd

Lucy is a business owner, with over 10 years of experience developing and managing strategy for leading global brands. She has managed the development of hundreds of digital campaigns, websites, apps and SaaS products. She has taken leadership roles in development and creative agencies from London to Melbourne, with experience in project management, product design, data & analytics, and digital communications.

She recently went “all in” on her own business, co-founding Mentorloop with her business partner Heidi Holmes. Mentorloop helps companies effortlessly build a mentoring culture for a more engaged, connected and productive business.


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