Influential Connections with Cloris Kylie

Creating and nurturing influential connections with Cloris Kylie, an entrepreneur, author and podcaster. She shares her interesting journey from Engineering School, to math tutoring, then on to marketing and helping small business owners with developing influential connections.

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Cloris Kylie - EntrepreneurCloris is an entrepreneur, business performance coach and educator, podcaster and author. She has over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience and an MBA in marketing.
She helps you connect with influencers to attract the right clients & grow a magnificent business. Cloris works with authors, coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants to expand their reach and client base. Her podcast is “Magnificent Time for Entrepreneurs“, and her motto is “Reveal your magnificence!”

When she graduated from college with a degree in industrial engineering, she already knew she wanted to work in marketing. Always an artist and writer at heart, she thought that marketing was the best way to use her creativity.

After a few years working in an insurance corporation, Cloris left her job to pursue her true calling.

At the time, she thought she would find a different job, but ended up starting her first entrepreneurial venture: an academic training company to support high-school and college students as they transitioned to higher levels of education.


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