Getting Projects Done to grow your Small Business with Geoff McDonald

Getting Projects Done to grow your Small Business with Geoff McDonald

Getting important projects completed so that you can grow your small business with Geoff McDonald, an entrepreneur and author. He studied architecture in school, but channeled his creative and problem solving skills to help others design great business ideas. He shares valuable insights on how to get important projects completed, so that we can grow our small businesses.

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Geoff McDonald

Geoff is a former architect who no longer designs buildings. Instead he designs ideas in the form of books, presentations and information products.
He created the Project Passion Program out of his own failure to fulfil his projects and goals. Like Thomas Edison, he spent a lot of years finding out lots of ways NOT to complete your projects. And, now he thinks he’s onto something!
Geoff is the author of seven books, including “Done – Why You Fail to Finish Your Projects and What to Do About It.” He has also spoken at international design conferences, exhibited his paintings and sculptures and is a master coach. He is best known as the creator of Book Rapper where he recreates important business books so you can read the big ideas from the best thinkers on the planet in under 30 minutes.

Geoff lives in Melbourne, Australia.


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