Starting a Wellness Coaching Business with Megan Lyons.

Starting a Wellness Coaching Business with Megan Lyons, an entrepreneur, coach, speaker and author. She shares her journey, from her Harvard and Northwestern education to a successful corporate management career. She left her corporate career to start a business related to her true passion – nutrition and wellness.

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Megan Lyons - Business Owner

Megan is a small business owner, a coach, speaker, author, and the founder of The Lyons’ Share Wellness.

Through The Lyon’s Share Wellness she offers personalized, one-on-one Health Coaching, to help people achieve their healthiest and happiest selves by finding the balance of nutrition and fitness that works for their unique body. She empowers busy people who successfully balance work, family, social life, and many other commitments, but who struggle with their health, to finally reach their goals and feel confident about their bodies.

In addition to Health Coaching, she offers Corporate Wellness programming, keynote speaking on nutrition and general health, group coaching programs, periodic “Resets,” coaching for aspiring Health Coaches, and more. Her book is “Start Here: 7 Easy, Diet-Free Steps to Achieve Your Ultimate Health and Happiness.

Megan graduated from Harvard, got an MBA, and was in the corporate world (management consulting with McKinsey) before deciding to chase her passion for helping others and start The Lyons’ Share in January 2014. Since then, she has created a consistent six-figure business that not only fulfills her, but has changed the life and health of thousands. And so now she loves what she does every day!

Megan lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband.

Starting a Wellness Coaching Business with Megan Lyons:

  • “Facing Leave-Your-Job Judgment (I went from Harvard, Kellogg, and McKinsey to what was then a $0-revenue, 1-person business, and many in my life thought I was crazy!”
  • Did you have thoughts of business ownership early on? Are their entrepreneurial influences in your early life?
  • What did you fear or worry about as you launched your business?
  • What type of business planning & financial projection did you perform?
  • How did you fund the initial business? Did you have partners?
  • Before launching your small business, what did you fear or worry about?
  • What would you do differently? Would you have started a business sooner?
  • How did the skills & experience you developed in the corporate world help or hinder (i.e. reliance on corporate resources)?
  • What’s one key piece of advice you offer to others about starting their first small business?
  • How important is introspection and finding what you are truly passionate about?
  • What have you learned about running a small wellness coaching business. What was a surprise or challenge?
  • Finding Balance: Gratitude and Affirmation – prioritizing yourself.
  • What is your longer term goal for your wellness business? Do you have an exit strategy?
  • How many hours an week, on average, are you working on the business?
  • Who do you consult with (business coach, mentor, etc.) or get advice from to help you make the big business decisions?

Challenges with Starting a Wellness Coaching Small Business

These are some of the challenges you may experience when starting your own wellness coaching small business:

  • Competition: There is a growing demand for wellness coaching, but there is also an increasing number of professionals offering similar services, making it difficult to stand out in a crowded market. How will you be different and stand out in your market?
  • Lack of credibility: The wellness coaching industry is largely unregulated, and clients may be skeptical of the value and effectiveness of wellness coaching. To help off set this perception, be sure to gather and include client testimonials on your small business website and your marketing materials.
  • Funding: Starting a small business may require significant financial investment, and many wellness coaches may struggle to secure the funds necessary to get their small business off the ground and to cover expenses until consistent profitability is achieved.
  • Marketing: It can be difficult to reach potential clients and build a client base, especially for new small businesses with limited resources and budgets.
  • Certifications and credentials: While certifications and credentials are not always required to start a wellness coaching business, they can help establish credibility and legitimacy, which is particularly important in an industry that is not regulated.
  • Time and dedication: As with most small businesses, building a successful wellness coaching business takes time and a significant investment of time and energy.


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