Facebook Bots with Kelly Garrett

In this episode we interview Kelly Garrett, an entrepreneur, developer, designer and marketing strategist. Kelly shares her entrepreneurial journey and then we discuss Facebook Bots (starting at 18:05) and how small business owners can use this tool on Facebook to connect and communicate with customers.

Kelly Garrett - Facebook Bots Expert

Kelly is a developer, designer, and marketing strategist who has been in the online world for over 10 years. Her agency, Ekcetera Design & Marketing specializes in aligning the creative strategy of marketing with the tech and design implementation. Kelly and her team are masters at helping people get un-stuck in their marketing and finding the best combination of strategy and tools to accomplish their goals.

They do this through brand development & design, website creation, marketing automation, content strategy & execution, membership sites and course development. They provide a full stack of offerings to accomplish any marketing goal.

At a young age, she started business ventures and designed stationery from her desktop version of The Print Shop and a dot-matrix printer circa 1988. Much of her college career was spent teaching herself design software and web development. Her diverse background includes experience in IT and marketing management, establishing the perfect foundation to build the breadth of services Ekcetera offers.

Kelly lives in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area with her family.

Facebook Bots with Kelly Garrett:

  • What is a Facebook Chat Bot and how can I use it for my small business?
  • Command-based chatbots versus AI-based or machine-learning chatbots?
  • How does your Facebook Chat Bot Tera work for your business?
  • Are chatbots considered too impersonal and spammy? Or do people prefer to get basic information and questions answered electronically?
  • Is this something else I have to monitor or respond to in my small business?
  • How about a services business, like a travel consultant or a Realtor?
  • Would you please share some other examples of how you have helped your clients grow their small business with chat bots
  • What kind of bots can I build natively in Facebook, and when do I need to consider a bot platform or service like yours?
  • It’s not just about the technology, it’s more about the writing and marketing design of the bot…let’s chat about this.
  • How do I get started with Facebook Bots to help my small business?


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