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Building & Growing a Cryotherapy Business with Kelly Carden

How to build and grow a cryotherapy business with Kelly Carden, an entrepreneur and the owner and founder of Cryo1One – a provider of cryotherapy services. She shares how she transitioned from a successful corporate marketing career to launching her first small business. From one small location to soon opening her third location, she shares how she has rapidly grown her business.

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Kelly Carden - EntrepreneurKelly is a successful small business owner who founded Cryo1one in 2015. Cryo1one is provider of cryotherapy services. Kelly will explain the process in more detail later, but for those who may not be familiar with it: cryotherapy involves standing in our nitrogen-cooled CryoSauna for three minutes, and being exposed to temperatures that vary from -167 F to -202 F. During the session, the blood rushes to the core to protect vital organs. Once the session ends, the body immediately starts the rewarming process, supplying the body and extremities with newly oxygenated blood. Guests have reported many benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy after the session. My wife and I have use it, and we believe it helps us reduce swelling and manage minor aches and pains.

Kelly started Cryo1one with a single location in Dallas, and has recently expanded to a second location.

Prior to starting this business, Kelly had a successful career in global marketing and business development management. Kelly lives Dallas, Texas.

On this episode of The How of Business, Henry Lopez and Kelly Carden discuss how to build and grow a cryotherapy, although these lessons apply to many types of other small businesses:

  • Kelly studied Corporate Communications & Public Affairs with an International Studies minor, then an MS in International Marketing Management. Back then, what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?
  • Did you have thoughts of business ownership early on? Are their entrepreneurial influences in your early life?
  • What led to the idea for Cryo1one? How long from idea to opening the doors?
  • What type of business planning & financial projection did you perform?
  • How did you come up with the name for your small business?
  • How did you fund the initial business? Did you have partners?
  • Before launching, what did you fear or worry about?
  • What would you do differently? Would you have started a business sooner?
  • How did the skills & experience you developed in the corporate world help or hinder (i.e. reliance on corporate resources)?
  • How does your education help? How does your experience in sales & marketing help with operating your small business now?
  • What’s one key piece of advice you offer to others about starting their first business?
  • When did you decide to grow your business through expansion and why? How did you know you were ready to grow to multiple locations?
  • How did you funding the expansion?
  • What emerged as an unexpected challenge with expansion?
  • What is your longer term goal for the business? Do you have an exit strategy?
  • How many hours per week, on average, are you working on the business?
  • Who do you consult with or get advice from to help you make the big business decisions?


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