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Abdo Riani – Bootstrapping a Small Business


Episode Description:

Bootstrapping (21:08) a small business and his entrepreneurial journey, with Abdo Riani. Abdo is an entrepreneur and founder of StartUpCircle.co – helping connect successful entrepreneurs with new founders to help them develop their business ideas. Abdo shares his personal entrepreneurial journey, and specific tips and advice on how to start a small business and grow through bootstrapping or reinvestment of profits.

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Abdo is an entrepreneur and the founder of StartUpCircle.co – Startup Circle connects successful entrepreneurs with rising founders for live Q&A sessions to help them move their ideas and businesses forward with actionable and relevant advice.

Abdo’s focus is to bring clarity and trust to the entrepreneurs’ journey to first paying customer, with a clear execution plan created for their specific case and need.

In his decade-long entrepreneurial journey, he has started and been involved in the launch of over 50 startups and service-based businesses. That journey, successes and failures helped him connect the dots and today, his value-added contribution to entrepreneurs lies in his ability to narrow and only execute on what will move the needle. This, so far, has on average resulted in cutting entrepreneurs’ path to first paying customers by 5 months, cutting costs by 40%, generating over $10,000 from sales or presales and connecting founders with over 10 industry leaders who I invite to provide extra insights and guidance.

Adbo lives in McAllen, Texas.


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