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Remote-First Small Business with Liam Martin.

Remote-first small business (26:19) with Liam Martin, a serial entrepreneur, speaker, writer and co-founder of TimeDoctor, and RunningRemote. We begin the conversation with Liam sharing his entrepreneurial journey, how he launched his first small business, and his insights on building and growing a remote-first business.

Liam Martin - Serial Entrepreneur

Liam Martin is a serial entrepreneur, a speaker, writer, and the co-founder of TimeDoctor, & RunningRemote. Liam is an expert on the remote business model.
Time Doctor offers time tracking solutions for remote and co-located teams. is an outsourcing company that concentrates on providing companies with long term outsourced labor relationships. Running Remote is the world’s largest conference on building & scaling remote teams. Their second event will take place on June 29-30, 2019 in Bali, Indonesia.

Liam lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Topics and questions addressed in this episode of The How of Business podcast include:

  • Please define what you mean by a “remote first business”?
  • Why should I consider building a remote small business? What are the benefits? (Benefits of hiring talent, without geographic constraints.)
  • What types of people is a remote business model best suited for? Both from the small business owner’s, and the employees perspective.
  • What types of businesses are ideal for a remote model?
  • What are some of the tools you use and recommend for working with and managing a remote team?
  • How important is it to have process and business systems in place?
  • If you “hire people you like spending time with”, how do you avoid hiring only people who are like you?
  • How do you effectively build a culture and communicate your vision in a remote small business?
  • What are some of the big challenges with a remote company? What are some of the misconceptions? Communication challenges?


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