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Board Game Business.

Starting and growing a Board Game business with entrepreneur Rob Ridgeway.

How “Spontuneous – The Song Game” was invented and developed into a small business by inventor Rob Ridgeway. From his family ranching business, to insurance sales, through overcoming the many challenges he experienced before achieving success with his business.

Rob Ridgeway - Entrepreneur

Rob Ridgeway is an inventor and small business owner. He is the inventor of Spontuneous – The Song Game. He came up with the idea for the game 10 years ago. At the time he was selling business insurance and decided he was going to get into the business of selling a board game. His game reached #1 on Amazon during the holiday season the last 2 years! The story has not been all fun & games though and is truly inspiring for anyone interested in taking an idea from nothing to a multi-million-dollar business.

Rob lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


Board Game Business:

  • Please share the story of how the idea for this game started.
  • Why did you decide to pursue this idea for a board game? Did you know then how hard it would be? How did you test the idea and the business model?
  • How did you get the game developed a produced? Who manufactured it?
  • How long from idea to selling the first game? Did you keep your insurance sales job?
  • How did you fund this business initially? Did you have any partners?
  • When you found yourself in debt, what kept you going? Why did you decide to keep working on this business?
  • After the Port of LA strike and then your tumor diagnosis, why did you not give up? Who did you lean on for support and guidance?
  • Why do you believe things began turning positive at the end of 2015? Please share why you decided to move away from Walmart and focus on selling it directly
  • How did the RV tour help the business and your life?
  • Is the business profitable now?
  • Looking back at it now, what would you have done differently?
  • What’s next? What are your plans for growth? Are you planning to develop other games?


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