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From Service Provider to Entrepreneur with Sylvie McCraken.

Becoming an entrepreneur: from Service Provider to Entrepreneur with Sylvie McCraken. How to grow from a solo practitioner, trading hours for money, to an entrepreneur with passive income. Sylvie shares her entrepreneurial story, how she started her first small business, and how she currently helps her clients evolve their business such that they can generate income even when they are not actively participating or delivering a service. She focuses on helping her clients develop digital products to develop a passive income stream.

Sylvie McCrakenSylvie McCracken helps health and wellness entrepreneurs who have gone off-course get refueled and back on track by teaching them to run their business like a well-oiled machine. After more than a decade working with celebrities in the entertainment industry, Sylvie started her first business in the competitive nutrition and health industry and was able to replace her six-figure salary in 18 months through her relentless focus on strategy and efficiency to create passive income. Now, she teaches healthcare professionals how to get back in the driver’s seat and make more income, have a greater impact, and finally enjoy the lifestyle they worked so hard to create.

Sylvie lives in Ashland, Oregon.

Topics discussed with Sylvie on this episode of The How Business podcast include:

  • The difference between being a service or healthcare provider, and being an “entrepreneur”?
  • Why is passive income the key?
  • Are there things every entrepreneur can do to create passive income?
  • What’s unique to health and wellness providers that makes it more challenging to become an entrepreneur?
  • Is it really possible to build your passive income business while working a full time “day job”? How do I find the time?
  • “Time management” for healthcare entrepreneurs.
  • Juggling entrepreneurship with family and life is the ultimate challenge. How does that become a reality?
  • Is it truly possible to achieve location independence as a service provider? Do I need to give up working with clients or patients in-person one-on-one?
  • How do I begin transitioning from service provider to entrepreneur?


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