How to Prepare Your Small Business for Sale with Mike Finger

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How to Prepare Your Small Business for Sale with Mike Finger

Why your business may not be salable, and what you can do to fix it.  Mike Finger is an entrepreneur and an expert on what it takes to build a business you can exit. Mike shares his insights and experience on how to prepare your small business for sale. He also shares his personal entrepreneur journey. Mike also introduces his approach to validating how salable your small business may be: are your financial results desirable, can a buyer duplicate your results, and can you document your financial results.

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Mike Finger - Entrepreneur

Mike Finger is a successful small business owner, and the founder of Exit Oasis – coaching services and resources to help them prepare for the sale of their business. Over the last 25 years Mike has bought, built and sold multiple businesses. Building his first business was a rewarding challenge, but what really captivated him was selling his first business.

Mike explains that selling his first business was a miracle in his life. It changed everything, but it almost didn’t happen. He was 10 years in with 50 employees when he found out the business was unsalable. It was devastating. But he moved forward and focused on changing a few simple elements in the business. Those changes made that first sale possible, and it changed his life. He now focuses on helping other small business owners experience that same miracle.

Mike lives in Minneapolis-St. Paul area.


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