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Time Management for Small Business Owners.

Improving Time Management skills for Small Business Owners with Kris Ward. She shares her personal story, and tips to help you “Win the Hour, Win the Day“. Kris is an entrepreneur, business coach, and the author of “Win the Hour, Win the Day – Time Management for Small Business: A 4-Week Productivity Plan to Go from Overwhelmed to Highly Efficient and Reclaim Your Life.”

Time Management for Small Business Owners. Kris Ward - Time Management Expert

Kris Ward is the founder of “Win the Hour, Win the Day”, which is both a platform and Amazon best-selling book, that helps entrepreneurs to systematically grow their business and enjoy a personal life too.

After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to the marketing & branding agency she had founded years earlier, only to find her business was thriving. She began teaching clients the exact systems & process that had freed her up and helped her during that difficult time and changed their lives in the process.

Through sound time management principles – that anyone can easily understand and apply – Kris’ clients now had more time, freedom and recaptured the joy & fun they once had when they first started their businesses.

“Win the Hour, Win the Day” offers a 4-week productivity plan to go from overwhelmed to highly efficient so that you can reclaim your life.

Kris lives in Ajax, Ontario, Canada.

More about Kris Ward:

I Help Entrepreneurs Stop Working So Hard!

You didn’t start your business to run a business or worse to be run off your feet. Being a successful entrepreneur is all about getting your ideas to execution -it’s that simple.

I worked insane hours the first few years I was in business. It was intense and counterproductive but I didn’t know any better. Luckily I turned it around and set myself up with a W.I.N Team and implemented what is now our signature Super Tool Kits. Because just a few years after that I was pulled away from the business when my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer.

And when I returned after his passing, my marketing clients had no idea of my absence. “How did I manage that,” they asked. So I started working with them under the capacity of virtual assistant outsourcing and systems and processes. This is how Win The Hour Win The Day was born.

I help entrepreneurs like you get 25 hours a week the first month we work together. With some of the amazing effects of outsourcing and small business systems and processes you’ll be shocked how fast we can turn your small business around and get your life back!

Episode Topics & Questions:
Topic: Time Management for Small Business Owners

  • Please share the story of your early career after college.
  • What led you to starting your own marketing agency in 2006?
  • Please tell us more about what led to founding Win the Hour, Win the Day in early 2018.
  • When did you know you wanted to be your own boss? Who were early entrepreneurial influences?
  • What are two personal characteristics you believe has been instrumental to your success in business?
  • What are the main principles of Win The Hour Win The Day?
  • Why do you think time management is such a struggle for some people?
    • Strugglers Focus on: Hustle and Hard Work, Everything, Perfection over Delivery
  • Why is your time management process different?
  • Successful people focus on:
    • Units of Time
    • Systems
    • Speed of Implementation
  • Please explain and introduce how you use and teach Time Blocking.
  • “Here’s the simplest thing you can do to improve your day: build your day around when you’re the freshest, working on your number one priority.
  • No “Free Days”?
  • What are “Power Hours”?
  • Switching Costs: “…studies show that it takes you 23 minutes to refocus on the task at hand.”
  • Please share your thoughts on “To Do Lists”.
  • What if you’re not someone isn’t very organized?
  • Where do you see small business owners wasting a lot of time?
  • What thoughts do you have to help motivate small business owners to get started or take their time management efforts to the next level?


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