Launching SoCal Powerlifting Business with Zack Bartell

Launching SoCal Powerlifting Business with Zack Bartell

How Zack Bartell launched his first small business, SoCal Powrlifting, at age 20. Zack shares his journey as a young entrepreneur.

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Zack Bartell

Zack Bartell is a small business owner, and he started his first business – SoCal Powerlifting – in 2017 at the age of 20. As he will share with us during our conversation today, he has been able to turn his passion, into a business. He had to start small, fight through some early challenges, but has stayed focused and determined and his gym business now serves over 147 clients with a team of 5 coaches.

 Zack lives in Irvine, California.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

Zack played sports in High School, and studied Kinesiology & Exercise Science in college. He shares his early experiences and how his passion for power lifting developed.

In 2017 Zack, started his small business SoCal Powerlifting in Newport Beach.
What led to starting his small business?
Did you have any partners or investors?
What were some of the early challenges with launching his first small business?
Zack shares the challenge of “…nearly being kicked out of our old space due to noise complaints, to scrambling in 2 weeks to finding another warehouse for us to continue in.”
How did you learn to manage and lead others (employees)?
Is the business profitable now?
How do you differentiate your business (why do clients choose your gym?), and compete against the large chains?


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