Conscious Synchronicity with Joan Sotkin

Joan Sotkin - EntrepreneurConscious Synchronicity with Joan Sotkinallowing more moments of serendipity or convenient coincidence to grow your life and small business.All of us have experienced moments serendipity or convenient coincidence. Some one comes into our lives, or we are presented with an opportunity at just the right time.  Henry Lopez’ friend, mentor and frequent guest of the show, Joan Sotkin shares what she calls Conscious Synchronicity. Not a topic you have heard much about on this show, as Henry tends to be skeptical at best about this kind of stuff. But Joan is much wiser, and Henry is always learning something from her perspective on life.

Joan is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, author and podcaster. She helps her clients get rid of their money worries and earn more doing work they love! Joan has developed a unique, holistic approach to prosperity. She helps entrepreneurs and practitioners use their inner resources along with practical techniques to experience freedom from struggle personally, professionally, and financially. She guides highly successful entrepreneurs by helping them answer the question “I’m a success, not what?”

Joan has authored several books, including “Build Your Money Muscles: Nine Simple Exercises for Improving Your Relationship with Money” and “The Search for Connection: A Spiritual Journey to Physical, Emotional, and Financial Health“.

She is the host of The Prosperity Show podcast.

Joan lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Henry Lopez and Joan Sotkin discuss:

  • Joan Sotkin introduces the concept of Conscious Synchronicity.
  • Joan shares some examples of this that we can relate to.
  • My thoughts when someone new approaches me: What are they wanting from me?
  • Are there other names or terms for this? Is it similar to Intuition or “listening to your fear”?
  • Why are we talking about this? Why do you think this is important for business owners and entrepreneurs?
  • “You must have an inner awareness.” Joan Sotkin
  • How does this relate to our desire to control everything? Is this about letting go of trying to control everything?
  • What role does fear play in this context?
  • How does meditation help with Conscious Synchronicity? Please share your thoughts on how to begin the practice of meditation or a daily ritual.
  • Why do I need to be aware of Conscious Synchronicity?
  • How does this apply in business in particular?

Episode Host: Henry Lopez is a serial entrepreneur, small business coach, and the host of this episode of The How of Business podcast show – dedicated to helping you start, run and grow your small business.


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