Future Proofing You with Jay Samit

Embracing continuous transformation by future proofing yourself with serial entrepreneur Jay Samit.

Jay Samit - Entrepreneur

To quote from Jay’s TED Talk, “Whether by choice or circumstance, every career gets disrupted.” Everything is continuously transforming. And as Entrepreneurs, we must embrace and prepare for this continuous change and era of endless innovation. As Jay explains in his latest book, we must “Future Proof” ourselves so that we can capitalize on the opportunities.

Jay Samit is an entrepreneur and international bestselling author who is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on disruption and innovation.  Described by Wired magazine as “having the coolest job in the industry,” he raises hundreds of millions of dollars for startups, advises Fortune 500 firms, transforms entire industries, revamps government institutions, and for three decades continues to be at the forefront of global trends.

The former Independent Vice Chairman of Deloitte Consulting, Samit helped grow pre-IPO companies such as LinkedIn, been a Nasdaq company CEO, held senior management roles at EMI, Sony and Universal Studios, pioneered breakthrough advancements in mobile, ecommerce, digital distribution, and spatial reality that are used by billions of consumers every day.

Simit’s previous book, “Disrupt You! Master Personal Transformation, Seize Opportunity, and Thrive in the Era of Endless Innovation”, is currently published in twelve languages. He has also written for such publications as Fortune, Harvard Business Review, and The Wall Street Journal. His latest book is “Future Proofing You. – Twelve Truths for Creating Opportunity, Maximizing Wealth, and Controlling Your Destiny in an Uncertain World.”

Jay lives in Los Angeles, California.

Future Proofing You with Jay Samit:

  • You only needs two things in life: Insight and Perseverance. Everything else can be hired.” – Jay Samit
  • Please introduce your latest book: “Future Proofing You. – Twelve Truths for Creating Opportunity, Maximizing Wealth, and Controlling Your Destiny in an Uncertain World.” Who is it for and why did you write it?
    “…is that it tells the story of how I took a couch-surfing millennial who grew up on welfare and mentored him from homeless to self-made millionaire in less than a year. I didn’t provide him any capital, introduce him to any business contacts, nor even tell him what business to start.  I just shared with him my 12 Truths for creating opportunity.  With so many hurting from the global pandemic, now is the time to empower people to take control of their future.”
    “This book is perfect for anyone who is tired of jobs with no security, hopes to truly realize their professional and personal potential, and is looking for a way to build a better life for them and their family.”
  • “With the right mindset and insight, anyone can become a millionaire.”
  • Do you believe you are born with the traits of an entrepreneur, or can you learn them?
  • How do I identify an idea and market to start a business? How do I know when I have a good business idea?
    “…you either have to be the best of what you do in the world, which is really hard, or the only one doing it because if you are the only one doing it, by definition, you are there for the best.”
  • How to build a virtual company with little or no capital? Do you think starting a bricks-and-mortar business is limiting in its potential? If I have no capital, are you suggesting starting with a side-hustle or seeking investors?
  • What are a couple of the latest free software tools for managing a business?
  • The 12 Truths:
    (We don’t have time to discuss all 12, so I have selected a few or particular interest to me for our discussion.)
  • 1) You must have a growth mindset.
    (“Wealth comes from Creating Money, not Earning & Saving it.”) – Please share one of the six
    techniques for developing a growth mindset.
    The importance of having a positive state of mind.
  • 3) Fear is Good
    But how do I keep it from paralyzing me? Overcoming the fear of the embarrassment of failure.
  • 4) Failure is great.
    Is it really? Please share one of your approaches to embracing failure. Difference between failing and failure?
  • 5) Your Unique Superpower makes you successful. Any tips for how to identify what it is?7) You Can’t Go It alone
  • 8) Everything is a Tech Startup – What do you mean?
  • 9) You must fill a Void

“Here’s the secret to the whole book. Once you change that unmalleable voice, that thing that you so believed was who you were, you go, “Wow. I can change anything if I can change me.” And it’s true.”

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